Siesta Key: Why Clark Drum Is A Better Match For Juliette Than Sam Logan

Siesta Key Juliette Porter is now dating Clark Drum, and fans already think he is way better for her than her ex-boyfriend Sam Logan. Juliette has been known for dating millionaires, and Clark is no exception. However, fans believe this time Clark may be the one. Siesta Key season 4 aired in 2021 with evident cracks in Juliette and Sam's relationship, which resulted in their breakup. However, fans were quick to take Juliette's side over Sam's as she made massive changes to herself on the show.

Juliette announced on Instagram in October 2021 that she and Clark were officially a couple. In recent episodes of Siesta Key, Juliette was seen hooking up to another guy after she and Sam had broken up. However, it was not known that this other guy was, in fact, Clark. Fans were shocked when Juliette showed up at Madisson Hausburg's wedding with Clark last October. Given Sam was dating Meghan Bischoff while trying to get back with  Juliette, ultimately ghosting Meghan, fans were happy to see her move on from their toxic relationship.


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Fans were quick to take Juliette's side in the breakup, flocking to Instagram to share how immature Sam's behavior on social media is. First, Sam flaunts his relationship with Meghan to try and win Juliette back and then slams her on Instagram when she shared her side of the split and began to move on. Viewers are starting to hate Sam's massive ego, just like did Juliette. The Siesta Key star expressed that her new beau Clark is everything Sam wasn't, including no massive ego. Juliette continued to say that Clark listens and respects her and came into her life when she least expected it.

Siesta Key Reunion Sam Logan And Juliette Porter

Unlike Sam, Clark has a minimal social media presence. Online, Clark seems to enjoy nature, traveling, and his family. As for Sam, he loves sharing photos of his flashy cars, holidays, and even different women he knows. Compared to Sam, Clark is a lot more reserved and wholesome. Viewers also noticed that Sam has been posting a lot of photos of Jordana Barnes, even revealing that the pair are now dating. Unlike Same, fans think Clark is much better suited to Juliette. Clark, who was seen talking to Meghan, is mature, has goals, and a job, which are all benefits for Juliette. Some fans even went as far as saying that Juliette has upgraded, and Clark is even better looking, and more stylish than Sam ever was.

With Sam's immaturity and narcissistic tendencies, fans are happy that Juliette has moved on. After everything she has been through on Siesta Key and her tremendous growth throughout the seasons, fans believe that the third time is the charm. Fans are excited to see how Clark and Juliette's relationship will blossom and how he will fit within her social group. Regarding Sam, fans are not surprised that he confirmed his relationship with Jordana. However, Jordana denied these claims, showing how much Sam needs attention.