Seinfeld: 10 Best George Quotes, According To Reddit

Jason Alexander is directing the play If I Forget during its time in Los Angeles, according to Jewish Journal. Alexander shared in an interview that he loves working with actors in this way: "Directing is really exciting for me because it allows me to engage my training, my experience, and my understanding and my enthusiasm on a much bigger playing field than I can as just the actor in the piece."

Alexander's role as George Costanza on Seinfeld is one of his funniest, and Redditors are sharing the quotes from George that make them laugh and that still make a huge impact.


10 "The sea was angry that day, my friends."

George's classic season 5 quote

George always shines when he lies or pretends to be someone else as he finds more courage. One Redditor posted "that monologue from The Marine Biologist is hands-down my favorite."

In one of the best Seinfeld episodes about George, this beloved character helps a whale and then tells the tale in a grand and dramatic fashion. It doesn't get funnier or more endearing than watching George talk himself up, and while it's of course wrong for him to pretend to have a career that he doesn't have, it's nice seeing George in such a good mood.

9 "How's this for criticism? stink."

George says this insult in season 4 "The Shoes"

George Costanza talking on the phone — Seinfeld

One of George's most notable qualities is how he thinks of comebacks too late. But sometimes, he's able to speak his mind and get it right the first time. Redditor zero557 said that "One of my favorite George quotes" is when George tells his therapist that they "stink."

While this might be an immature thing to say, that's part of the appeal and why it's such a hilarious line. When George becomes frustrated with other people, which is often, he becomes so upset and emotional that it can be hard for him to think clearly. It's definitely not appropriate to tell a therapist that they're terrible, but George can't help himself.

8 “You're not out there! You can't be, because I am out there."

George doesn't want his mom to date

When George's parents break up for a while, Estelle tells George that she's going to start dating and he's upset. George tells his mom, "And if I see you out there, there's not enough voltage in this world to electroshock me back into coherence." Redditor helpme944 loves this quote and wrote, "The delivery of 'electroshock' and 'coherence' are absolute gold."

While Estelle hates hearing this from her son, no one can really blame George for being uncomfortable about talking about dating with his mom. George knows that while he doesn't always enjoy his parents' company, they belong together, and it's clear that the split won't last long.

7 "It's not a lie if you believe it."

George makes this classic comment in the season 6 episode "The Beard"

Jason Alexander as George in Seinfeld The Beard

George tells many lies throughout Seinfeld and he really and truly doesn't think that this is a problem. After Redditor necessary-service-51 posted this as the "best George quote," Redditor Snoo57190 replied, "I love this. You’re 100% right."

This is such a fan favorite quote because not only is it funny and silly but it makes people think. It's easy to see that when George lies, he really thinks that it's true, and he can convince himself of anything. George may be insecure when dealing with other people, but he has a lot of scenes when he almost sounds self-centered.

6 “I flew too close to the sun on wings of pastrami."

George eats in bed in the season 9 episode "The Blood"

George in bed holding a sandwich on Seinfeld

Many of George's Seinfeld quotes are about love, and in the season 9 episode "The Blood," he comes up with an idea: he will eat a sandwich in bed while watching TV. It doesn't work and George says this quote about pastrami. One Redditor wrote that they "actually use that a lot in my day-to-day vernacular."

While someone would usually say that they made a mistake or that their plan didn't work out, George can be super dramatic, and the way that he describes what happened to him is so memorable since it's so over-the-top.

5 "If you take everything I've accomplished in my entire life..."

George has a unique way of looking at his life

George Jerry and Elaine at the Monk's Cafe in Seinfeld

One of the most charming parts of Seinfeld is when Jerry and George talk about their lives, whether giving each other advice or just chatting. Redditor P4P9 likes when George says that if he reflects back on his accomplishments and experiences "and condense it down into one day… It looks decent."

George balances his insecurity with moments of pride, happiness, and feeling really good about himself. This quote works since he's explaining that in this moment, he can see that he has done a few cool things in his life, even though he often feels like he isn't getting anywhere.

4 "We're living in a society!"

George is upset in season 2's "Chinese Restaurant" episode

Elaine, Jerry and George at the Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld

The "Chinese Restaurant" episode of Seinfeld has endured as watching the characters struggle to be seated for dinner never gets old. Redditor evergreen4851 loves when George yells in frustration "We're living in a society!"

Being hungry and wanting to just sit down and eat is one of the more realistic experiences that Jerry and his friends have, and George goes one step further by sharing that he thinks that things should run a certain way in society. Seeing George unravel is one of the most memorable parts of the show.

3 "You know I always wanted to pretend I was an architect."

George lies about his job

Seinfeld - George in Jerry's Kitchen

Redditor ninjanamaka loves when George lies about being an architect, as he thinks that his regular self just isn't that impressive. When he tells a character named Vanessa that he designs railroads and she says that engineers handle that, he says, "They can."

It's entertaining watching George continue with a lie because while some people would give up and admit the truth, he really commits. George is a stand-out character as he loves to daydream about what could have been instead of focusing on making his life better and happier.

2 "I love a good nap..."

George says this quote in the season 8 episode "The Nap"

Seinfeld - George

For Redditor LanDloyd, it's hilarious when George talks about dreaming of naps and adds, "Sometimes it's the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning." Redditor athleticC4331 replied, "Those thoughts got me through college and grad school."

In this episode, George takes a nap at work and figures that it's fine to sleep right under his desk. Seinfeld fans love George and his ability to do whatever he wants at all times, as he doesn't ever think about the consequences.

1 "The jerk store called. They're running out of you."

George has a good comeback in season 8

Seinfeld — George eating shrimp in the office

For one Redditor, one of the greatest quotes from George is when, in the season 8 episode "The Comeback," he gets mad at a co-worker for complaining that George is eating all of the shrimp at a meeting. George's line about "the jerk store" makes him really happy and vindicated.

While some TV characters have witty insults ready, George's comebacks are often more innocent, as he struggles to figure out the right thing to say. It matters a lot to George to know exactly how to respond to his co-worker, even though it's too late.

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