RuPaul's Drag Race: 10 Shea CouleƩ Quotes That Live Rent-Free In Fans' Heads

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7 has brought back some of the most iconic winners from previous seasons for an epic showdown like no other seen in the show. Shea CouleĆ© of Drag RaceĀ season 9 and All Stars 5 is competing for the third time toĀ impress RuPaulĀ  and earn the prestigious title "Queen of All Queens."

Shea brought fierce competition to the Drag Race franchise during her time onscreen. She's known for her superb acting skills, comedy chops, talent in sewing, and mastery in writing savage rap bars. That being said, Shea has said many things onĀ Drag RaceĀ that has struck a chord with fans of the reality show.


An Entrance Look For The Ages

"My Name Is Shea CouleƩ, And I Didn't Come To Play, I Came To Slay!"

Shea Coulee RuPaul Drag Race-2

Over the years, queens have chosen to be more palatable to the viewers byĀ havingĀ a cordial relationship with other contestants. Because of this, fans of the show have complained about how there has been a lack of drama and messiness in the show.

Shea saying that she "didn't come to play" but "came to slay" perfectly encapsulates her seriousness to win RuPaul's Drag Race. Unlike the other contestants, Shea was more than willing to slay the competition and do what it takes to win, while also keeping in mind to not step on her fellow queens.

She's From Chicago

"Nothing Reminds Me Of Home More Than A Big Wiener Sandwiched In Between Two Buns."

Shea CouleeĢ RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 7

It must have been nerve-wracking for Shea to walk for one of the most iconic Drag Race guest judges,Ā acclaimed singer-actress Lady Gaga, for the first episode of Drag RaceĀ season 9. For her hometown look, Shea came out in a red bodysuit with yellow boots and finished it off with a headpiece that resembledĀ a hot dog sandwich.

Being from Chicago, Shea chose to incorporate the famous food item into her look and announce that another reminds her of home "more than a big wiener sandwiched in between two buns". Aside from hot dog sandwiches, Chicago is also known as the home of the stunning drag queens Kim Chi, Denali, and Kahmora Hall.

Keeping The Girls In Check

"Why Y'all Acting Brand New!?"

In Untucked, the queens were allowed to let loose and relax while waiting for the decision of the judges.Ā Since emotions run high in the fierce competition, the queens sometimes couldn't help but be messy in Untucked.

TheĀ unforgettable Untucked moment where Aja reads ValentinaĀ happens during the third episode of season 9's Untucked. Because of that, there was palpable tension throughout the episode. Shea was a little annoyed because the queens were still taken aback by what happened and were too slow to go back to the main stage, leading her to address the girls and ask the question, "Why y'all acting brand new!?" Shea always did her best to be professional during her time on the show, and this quote is a good example of this.

As The Legendary Supermodel

"I Thought About Tyra Banks' Modeling Career, So I Said: The Toilet."

Shea As Naomi Campbell

One of Shea's role models in life is the fashion supermodel Naomi Campbell. For that reason, she chose to impersonate Naomi for her season's Snatch Game. Because she looked up to Naomi, Shea's performance was spot-on. What's more, Shea's makeup skills allowed her to copy the face of the legendary supermodel.

Shea's banter with RuPaul didn't fail to elicit laughter and smiles from the fans. She also didn't forget to reference Naomi's beef with Tyra Banks, and inserted it during the challenge by comparing Tyra's modeling career to "the toilet".

Ending Her Roast

"If You Liked My Performance My Name Is Shea CouleƩ, But If You Hated It, My Name Is Nina Bo'nina Brown."

Shea Coulee from RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars In Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show

The roast challenge in Drag Race often scared the queens, especially those who had bad comedic timing and skills. Thankfully, Shea was also as shady as she is stylish. Despite being the queen to open the roast for the resident judge Michelle Visage, Shea was not at all nervous and successfully set the tone during her set.

However, she did leave a hilarious contingency plan in case she bombed her set. To introduce the next performer, Shea told theĀ crowd that if they hated her performance, her "name is Nina Bo'nina Brown", which worked well as a roast in its own right.

Unbothered Queen

"Do I Look Upset To You?"

Season 9 was one of the best seasons of Drag Race due to the strong queens taking part. So naturally, the reunion episode for season 9 had plenty of drama-filled moments. The queens confronted Valentina since she was unable to control her fans and prevent them from leaving nasty comments on the other queens' social media accounts, especially Nina Bo'nina Brown and Alexis Michelle.

Valentina tried to get out of the situation by saying that she's bad with social media. However, Shea was quick to call her fellow queen out. This lead to a very pointed response from Valentina, prompting Shea to ask her, "Do I look upset to you?" SheaĀ was a serious competitor and she was not afraid to call out the unprofessionalism of other queens, whether it was in their control or not.

Returning To Drag Race

"I'm Black."

DespiteĀ the fans' callsĀ for Shea to join All Stars immediately after her season, the queen took herĀ sweet time. She finally felt ready to join All Stars during its fifth season, competing against other queens like Jujubee and Miz Cracker.

Shea is extremely proud of her race and ethnicity. In fact, she also performed for The Vixen's Chicago drag show titled Black Girl Magic. That's why she decided that her entrance line for All Stars should be a play on the wordsĀ "Black" and "back".

As Flavor Flav

"Yeah, Boy!"

Shea Coulee as Flavor Flav Rupauls Drag Race CROPPED

While Shea is often associated with fashion queens like Violet Chachki, Gottmik, and Sasha Velour, she's also a great comedy queen. She's shown off her comedy skills during the roast challenge and acting challenges. ButĀ Shea's comedy skills truly shone when she impersonated rapper Flavor Flav for the Snatch Game of Love.

Shea mimicked Flavor Flav to a T, from the rapper's physical mannerisms to his speech pattern and taglines like "Yeah, boy!"Ā Even judge Michelle Visage, who admitted that they weren't usually a fan of drag queens doing male celebrities for Snatch Game, was impressed with Shea's performance.

Naming Her Inner Saboteur

"Her Name is Sheneyney."

Shea Coulee and Sasha Velour in RPDR skit

During an interview for RuPaul's and Michelle's podcast, Shea opened up and said that she put a lot of pressure on herself when she joined season 9. She was also incredibly disappointed to lose, especially since she was so close to the crown and won four challenges.

Shea also divulged that she's gone through therapy to help cope. She and her therapist have given the name "Sheneyney" to her inner saboteur. RuPaul offers support and says that Shea will eventually learn to disregard what her inner saboteur says.

Full Circle

"My Name IsĀ Shea CouleĆ©, And I Didn't Come To Slay. I Came To Win!"

When she first entered the workroom, Shea said that she didn't join Drag Race to play but to slay. She deserved to win All Stars 5 as she's proven herself to be a well-rounded queen who is on par with other Drag Race Hall of Famers.

For her winning speech, Shea referenced her season 9 entrance line by saying "My name is Shea CouleĆ©, and I didn't come to slay. I came to win!" Shea also dedicated her win to her dad, whoĀ was tragically lost to cancer two weeks beforeĀ she was cast for season 9.

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