Rose Byrne Refuses To Be Helped In Physical Season 2 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant can exclusively present a clip from this week's episode of Physical season 2, called "Don't You Have Enough," which premieres July 8 on Apple TV+. Over the course of the season, the series protagonist Sheila (Rose Byrne) has faced her health problems head on - to a degree - and worked her way towards her very own lifestyle brand despite her company holding her back.

Unfortunately, her affair with Mormon businessman John Breem (Paul Sparks) is coming back to bite her in a big way, with ex-aerobics partner Bunny (Della Saba) and her boyfriend Tyler (Lou Taylor Pucci) blackmailing her with a tape that captured their mall tryst last season. To top it all off, Physical is not about to let Sheila off the hook when it comes to her eating disorder, as it's clear that is a series-long issue for the fitness guru.


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That is precisely the issue that kicks off Screen Rant's exclusive clip from Physical season 2, episode 6. Sheila's husband Danny (Rory Scovel) is in the middle of confronting her about her binge-eating, although he insists that he is not accusing her of anything. Sheila can't help but feel attacked, however, even as he promises he's just looking for a way to offer her support. Check out the full clip, provided by Apple TV+, below:

Just as it seems that Danny might make some headway, he mentions the word "group" and sets his wife off all over again. Refusing to let him finish, Sheila instead tries to throw him off the scent by declaring how wrong he is about the entire situation. He offers some words of love and care, which may be as surprising to viewers who have witness their toxic marriage deteriorating over the course of two seasons as they are to Sheila herself. Whether Danny's too-little too-late attempts at support will be of real service to his wife remain to be seen when the new episode premieres on Friday.

Physical was created by Annie Weisman, who also executive produces the series. "Don't You Have Enough" was directed by fellow executive producer Stephanie Laing, who has previously directed the majority of the episodes thus far, and written by Jackie Li, who is new to the dark comedy. Season 2 has a total of 10 episodes, which will become available weekly on Apple TV+.

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