RHOSLC: Jen Shah's Fraud Trial Date Revealed

Jen Shah from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is going to face her upcoming criminal fraud trial in two weeks. Jen first appeared in RHOSLC season 1 and entertained viewers with her over-the-top personality and explosive temper. Fans watched as Jen ran her business from home with her assistant, Suart Smith, with whom she appeared to have a close relationship. In a shocking turn of events, Jen was arrested in March 2021 for wire fraud and money laundering, which RHOSLC cameras captured while filming season 2.

Many RHOSLC fans, along with Jen’s fellow housewives, weren't sure what she did for a living. It was revealed that Jen was allegedly part of a telemarketing scheme that targeted elderly or disabled people. Since her arrest, Jen has maintained her innocence and pleaded not guilty. Stuart, who was also arrested on the same charges, initially pleaded not guilty but later changed his plea to guilty. Stuart faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison while Jen faces up to 50 years.


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Jen’s trial date was originally set for March 2022, but it was pushed back to July. As reported by Page Six, Jen arrived at a pretrial hearing in Manhattan this week to find out when the trial will start, which has been revealed to be July 18. According to Judge Sidney Stein, the case will take roughly five weeks. After learning that Judge Stein’s schedule may cause delays for the trial, Jen’s legal team requested the court to reassign her to another judge. However, it appears as if the trial will be moving forward in two weeks.

Jen shah talking to coach - rhoslc

Since Jen’s arrest, she has been scrutinized by the public for her lavish lifestyle. It was reported that Jen wore a flashy $2,500 Gucci handbag as well as a Louis Vuitton bag worth around $3,600. Jen has also been criticized by RHOSLC fans for spending money on trips and using a glam squad after being accused of scamming unsuspecting victims. Many also accused Jen of leading a fake lifestyle after learning she was renting her $4 million “Shah Chalet” just for appearances. Internet sleuths discovered that Jen’s listed address is a much smaller home in a working-class subdivision.

Many of Jen’s RHOSLC co-stars have stood by her and maintained that she is innocent until proven guilty. Fans watched as Jen tried to process her life and shared that it was difficult to get out of bed most days. She also faced some difficulties in her marriage with Sharrieff Shah and revealed early on in RHOSLC season 2 that he had considered divorcing her due to her temper. However, Sharrieff has steadfastly stood by Jen through her legal battle. Fans will soon find out if Jen will be found innocent or guilty, but many hope she returns for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3.