RHODubai Fans React To Chanel Ayan's Shade Towards Phaedra Parks

Chanel Ayan is one of The Real Housewives of Dubai's most outspoken cast members, and fans are reacting to her recent shade toward Phaedra Parks. Since the RHODubai premiere, Chanel has been one of the most polarizing cast members in the franchise. Many fans were put off by her overconfidence and need to be the center of attention. Fellow castmate Caroline Stanbury openly stated her dislike of Chanel after the supermodel was upset at not being invited to Caroline’s bachelorette party. The two attempted to resolve their issues, but when Chanel showed up at Caroline’s engagement party in what looked like a wedding dress, the ladies were on the outs yet again.


Many RHODubai fans love Chanel’s outspoken, diva-like nature. When the former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks, made an appearance on RHODubai, there was talk of her possibly joining the show. Phaedra has made it known that she has plans to buy a house in Dubai and would be open to joining the cast. However, Chanel stated that Phaedra needs to “find her own show.” When hearing what Chanel said, Phaedra seemed surprised and thought the two housewives were good.

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Chanel has slammed Phaedra, yet again, in a now-deleted tweet that read, “To the thirsty Ex-housewife - shut the f*** up you only met me once for 5 min. Let’s not make it a @Kandi situation with lies.” Reddit user u/scottyleakes captured the tweet, and many fans were confused by Chanel’s wrath. One fan wrote, “I don’t even know what Phaedra said but I’m team Ayan lol.” Another shared, “I love Ayan! She’s a little much but makes me laugh!” A RHODubai fan echoed Chanel by writing, “She’s looking to go tit for toot!” Another applauded Chanel with, “Ayan is one of the best castings since Potomac came on the scene. I haven’t kept up with Dubai but she is excellent at being a housewife.”

Some RHODubai viewers found Chanel “insufferable” and didn’t like her disrespectful attitude. Many agreed that Chanel is quick to react and thinks she needs to develop a thicker skin, especially as a new housewife. It’s been known that Bravo producers don’t like the messy drama between the housewives off-camera, which may be the reason Chanel deleted the tweet. Fans also wondered how Kandi Burruss reacted to being mentioned in the tweet, especially after her infamous falling-out with Phaedra in RHOA season 9.

Phaedra has yet to respond to Chanel, but fans think she’s playing it smart and enjoying the free publicity the RHODubai star has given her. However, fans may not see her crossover franchises after the RHODubai premiere season has received mostly negative reviews. Many viewers are tired of the constant fighting and lack of fun on the show. Fans were looking forward to watching the ladies’ opulent lives, but so far there hasn’t even been a cast trip. Chanel has been praised as the one carrying the show, and she continues to bring the drama on and off RHODubai.