RHOBH: Kyle Apologizes To Sutton After Accusing Her Of Lying

Kyle Richards took to her Instagram Stories to do some damage control and reveal her apology to Sutton Stracke while doubling down on why The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star laughed at Garcelle Beauvais' son getting cussed at by Erika Jayne. Kyle, Dorit Kemsley and their husbands, Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley, have all been under fire after a preview clip showed their response to a drunken Erika telling Garcelle's 14-year-old son to "f*** off." The clip even starts with Kyle bringing up the encounter she heard about and Dorit witnessed firsthand back to their group and admitting that Erika cussed at Garcelle's son. Mauricio was the first to respond, saying how great he thinks it is that Erika did that.


Fans have been outraged by Erika's behavior and the nonchalant response from Kyle, Dorit and their husbands. The group has been on the receiving end of mean tweets and comments from upset onlookers who are turned off by the mistreatment of a child. Elsewhere, another preview clip revealed Kyle's disturbing response to Sutton opening up about her two past miscarriages. Sutton made the reveal during a heated exchange with Diana Jenkins, with Kyle interjecting to deny Sutton's claims. At one point, Kyle even starts aggressively shaking Sutton and telling her to calm down after she gets offended by no one believing her claims.

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Amid all of the backlash, Kyle took to her Instagram Story to clear up her behavior and reveal the apology she gave to Sutton but not Garcelle. Kyle first explained the encounter with Sutton and noted she had a few drinks and thought Sutton wasn't giving Diana "her moment" to speak on her recent miscarriage. Kyle admitted to being "disappointed" in how she reacted to Sutton. When waking up the next morning, Kyle realized her wrongdoing and "immediately" reached out to Sutton to apologize. “I consider Sutton a close friend and care about her a lot,” Kyle added. “Sutton accepted my apology, and we moved on.


While addressing her filmed response to Erika cussing at Garcelle's son, Kyle offered no apology, just an explanation. The Kyle x Shahida founder continued to say she didn't witness Erika cuss at Jax firsthand; she just heard about it the next day "along with some funny moments as well." In the clip, Kyle, Mauricio, Dorit and PK can be seen recalling the encounter that Dorit was present to witness and laughing at how drunk and rude Erika was being to two of Garcelle's sons. PK jokingly refers to the melee as a "blowout" for Erika after she flirts with Garcelle's married older son before cussing at one of her twin boys. Kyle laughs the whole way but claimed that when she said, "It's not funny, but it's funny," she was only talking about Erika being drunk. "What she said to Jax was not," Kyle declared. She also noted that Erika finally opening up and getting drunk around the group was the "more important" issue that she was focusing on. However, the clip appears otherwise.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars have been accused of being insensitive and even discriminatory considering Garcelle is still the only Black housewife on the show, and somehow she continues to be on everyone's enemy list. Given the backlash, this will likely not be the last time Kyle will have to address this. She played it safe by posting to her Instagram Story to avoid dealing with continued criticism. But Andy Cohen will most likely bring the latest drama up at the RHOBH season 12 reunion. It's also worth noting that Erika and Dorit have remained silent about the preview clips.