Pokémon GO: Dratini Raid Guide (Best Counters & Weaknesses)

Dratini will be returning to Pokémon GO raids from July 6, 2022 at 10am local time until July 12, 2022. The Dragon-type Pokémon is a rarer find under normal means, making this raid event one of the best opportunities to score a shiny. Shiny rates for raids are set at 1/500. Coming as part of the celebratory "Pokémon GO Anniversary Event" marking 6 years of the game, trainers will be able to encounter Dratini in 1-star raids. It can be caught between 529-717 CP depending on the trainer's level, making it an easy solo opportunity for people with experience in Pokémon GO Raids. Players can earn 1 Raid Pass per day from spinning the photo at a gym.


Dratini is a pure Dragon-type Pokémon, making it weak to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks, while resistant to Fire, Grass, Water, and Electric-type attacks. Dragon-type moves will be less effective on Steel-types, and will have no effect on Fairy-types. Bringing any fully evolved starter Pokémon, such as Venusaur, won't do the trainer much good. Bringing a Steel-type like Steelix won't offer the trainer any super-effective moves, but it will take less damage from Dratini's attacks.

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The best possible counters for Dratini are high-CP legendaries or Mega Evolved Pokémon, such as Mega Charizard X in Pokémon GO, Mega Latios & Mega Latias, Zekrom, Rayquaza, Mega Altaria, and Mega Abomasnow. Players likely won't need to use such force against the 1-star Raid, unless they are planning to do many Dratini Raids quickly. There are easier and more accessible options.

Easy Counters to Dratini in Pokémon GO

Best Dragon Counters for Dratini

  • Dragonite: evolves from Dratini Fast Move - Dragon Tail, Charged Move - Outrage
  • Salamence: evolves from Bagon Fast Move - Dragon Tail, Charged Move - Outrage
  • Garchomp: evolves from Gible Fast Move - Dragon Tail, Charged Move - Outrage
  • Druddigon¬†¬†Fast Move - Dragon Tail, ¬†Charged Move - Dragon Claw
  • Tyrantrum¬† Fast Move - Dragon Tail, Charged Move - Outrage

Best Fairy Counters for Dratini

  • Gardevoir: evolves from Ralts Fast Move - Charm, Charged Move - Dazzling Gleam
  • Togekiss: evolves from Togepi ¬†Fast Move - Charm, Charged Move - Dazzling Gleam
  • Sylveon: evolves from Eevee Fast Move - Charm, Charged Move - Dazzling Gleam
  • Primarina: evolves from Popplio Fast Move - Charm, Charged Move - Moonblast

Best Ice Counters for Dratini

  • Weavile: evolves from Sneasel Fast Move - Ice Shard, Charged Move - Avalanche
  • Glaceon: evolves from Eevee Fast Move - Frost Breath, Charged Move - Avalanche
  • Froslass: evolves from Snorunt Fast Move - Powder Snow, Charged Move - Avalanche
  • Galarian Darmanitan: evolves from Galarian Darumaka Fast Move - Ice Fang, Charged Move - Avalanche

Dratini is also available during July's Pokémon GO Field Research Task Rewards.