Outriders Worldslayer: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

With the release of Outriders Worldslayer, People Can Fly have introduced a new, content-rich post-game with lots of things to do for seasoned players who’ve managed to complete the Worldslayer campaign. The Worldslayer expansion's new campaign is meant for characters who hit the base game’s Level 30 cap and gives players the opportunity to grab more high-level loot and supercharge their characters’ builds with new passive bonuses. However, for players who’ve managed to complete the new campaign, Worldslayer builds upon its endgame content to provide several post-game activities for players to try out, including Outriders’ new Trial of Tarya Gratar Expedition.


As Outriders is a looter shooter through and through, its post-game is designed to allow high-level players to continue grinding for the best loot available. One key change made by Worldslayer is the introduction of Apocalypse Tiers, which completely replace the base game’s Challenge Tiers. Challenge Tiers previously set the difficulty of the game’s high-level Expedition missions, with players challenged to beat Expeditions on higher and higher tiers, gaining access to higher quality loot with each tier increase. With Apocalypse Tiers, the game’s Max Gear Level has been increased, allowing players to continually grind for new, high-level Apocalypse Gear pieces while enjoying Worldslayer’s new campaign and endgame content.

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As with most games in the looter shooter genre, Outriders doesn’t stop at the end of its campaign and features an excellent post-game designed for seasoned players to return to again and again. The post-game features several activities for getting the very best loot available in Outriders and building their characters up to face the challenges posed by new content using Worldslayer’s new character progression features.

The Best Post Game Activities in Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer Player Character Approachs Loot Chest In Tarya Gratar

The top choice for players in Outriders’ post-game is Worldslayer’s new Endgame Expedition. The Trial of Tarya Gratar takes players into the ancient city of Tarya Gratar to explore a massive dungeon with unique bosses, multiple paths, and several optional areas called Troves with tough enemies. This Expedition can be cleared in roughly two hours if players go in looking for all of its available loot drops and can be repeated, making it a fun prospect for players looking to experience every part of the dungeon. Most importantly, Tarya Gratar’s Troves each award specific loot drops so players can actually target the types of loot they need. This gives players a repeatable activity with a good chance of finding the best loot available in Outriders. Even with the powerful character bonuses of Worldslayer’s new PAX points system, the difficulty scaling offered by the Apocalypse Tiers means players just looking for a challenge will always find one in Tarya Gratar.

Another great option players might not be aware of is to go right back to the beginning. The Apocalypse Tiers are also designed to extend the base game’s World Tier difficulty system, essentially allowing high-level players to return to the original Outriders campaign and replay it at the Apocalypse Tier difficulty levels. This serves as a fairly customizable substitute for New Game Plus, and players can run through the campaign again with all of their new high-level gear and with their new bonuses active. This also gives the player the chance to complete side quests they might have missed during the launch period, when some players were unsure about the game’s future prospects due to Outriders’ continuing unprofitability and mixed critical reception.

Players who love to max out their character builds can revisit Tarya Gratar as well as the base campaign and its many Expeditions. With Worldslayer, People Can Fly have introduced long-term progression systems such as Ascension and PAX Points, with Ascension in particular challenging players to farm points over dozens of hours in order to make their characters as strong as possible. With these options, the game now has a solid endgame with plenty of options for players fully invested in Outriders going forward.