Original God of War Remade For Unreal 5 In Impressive Concept Video

A remake of the original God of War, created within Unreal Engine 5, brings the PlayStation classic in line with the franchise's modern installments. The latest version of the popular game engine, developed and distributed by Epic Games, has been used to create a number of impressive fan projects since its launch in April 2022. Unreal Engine 5 was recently used to create a UE5 remake of Bullworth Academy from Bully, and now the same developer has given God of War a fresh coat of paint.

Santa Monica Studio's God of War franchise kicked off in 2005 with an intense hack and slash adventure on PlayStation 2. The beloved action game introduced gamers to Kratos, a tattooed Greek demigod who embarks on a quest for revenge after the death of his family. Over the course of several games Kratos absolutely decimates the pantheon of classic Greek gods, with 2010's God of War 3 capping off the story. However, a new God of War game released in 2018 gave the franchise a fresh start, with Kratos now living in the world of Norse mythology with his young son Atreus. The upcoming release of God of War Ragnarok will follow this 2018 entry, apparently bringing the franchise's Norse storyline to an epic conclusion.


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As reported by Game Rant, YouTuber and talented developer TeaserPlay recently showcased an impressive God of War Unreal Engine 5 remake. The project beautifully reconstructs the world of Greek mythology, including its sprawling cities and intricate temples. The God of War remake also seems to adopt the gameplay style of the franchise's newer entries, with the camera sticking close behind Kratos' back rather than assuming the cinematic camera angles of the original game. While the character models and animations are a bit rough, this early showcase successfully recaptures the God of War atmosphere and grandeur in Unreal Engine 5.

While TeaserPlay has begun rebuilding God of War, another developer is working to remake Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5. The classic survival horror game emphasizes atmosphere and psychological scares over action, and Epic Games' new engine brings the Konami classic to life in astonishing resolution. The project adds extra detail to every corner of Silent Hill while apparently keeping the terrifying title's original gameplay unchanged. The UE5 remake looks particularly impressive in dark areas, with Harry Mason's flashlight alone illuminating the environment and the horrors hiding within it.

The original God of War is still impressive today, but TeaserPlay's Unreal Engine 5 remake truly captures the beauty and grandeur of the Greek world. The concept video seems to be based heavily on newer series installments, like God of War Ragnarok, while still remaining faithful to the franchise's first entry. While the video shows no real gameplay, TeaserPlay's demonstration shows how effective an official God of War remake could be.