Only Murders In The Building: 9 Memes That Sum Up The Trio

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building has returned with another promising season. While Mabel, Charles, and Oliver again find themselves investigating another murder in the Arconia, this time the stakes are much higher as they find themselves intimately intertwined with the murder and Bunny's past.

Although this season brings with it many new elements and cast members, the show's central focus remains the same: the trio. Charles, Mabel, and Oliver remain at the heart of the show and will likely receive just as much love from fans as they did after season 1, as evidenced in these hilarious memes.


Modern Mabel

Despite Mabel's obvious age gap shared with the two older men, the three have formed a deep friendship with one another and care for each other deeply. However, that doesn't mean the generational gap is forgotten.

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As shown in this meme shared by Redditor Lady_keyz, Charles is still, at times, a bit confused about how best to proceed with Mabel - particularly when it comes to interactions over cellphones (cue the scene about him signing off his texts). Luckily for Charles, Oliver is more in tune with the younger adults of these days.

Oliver Vs. The Couples

Season 1 gave two-thirds of the trio romantic partners: Mabel had Oscar and Charles had Jan. Oliver, on the other hand, had...the podcast fans and Winnie.

While Oliver's arc worked well without him having a partner, it did make for some awkward and excluding situations for him (as highlighted in this meme by Reddit user Bbkoul). With Mabel now possibly finding love with Alice, it'll be interesting to see if the show goes a similar route with Oliver, or if he'll remain the most relatable character.

Oliver's Dinners

Oliver Putnam has many quirky mannerisms but the most defining of all in the first season was his affinity towards dips. While his choice of dinner may have been attributed to his financial situation, he also makes it blatantly clear that he just really, really enjoys dips and they should therefore be normalized as dinner food.

This meme, shared by Redditor DiamondDumpster, links Oliver's dedication to dips to this clip from Seinfield, furthering the list of people petitioning for dips as dinner.

Classic Bonding

While Mabel is eventually revealed to have been a good friend to Tim Kono, originally, the show started off with the trio being passionate about true-crime podcasts and wanting to dabble into this tragic but exciting turn of events at the Arconia.

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Tim Kono's death is a very unfortunate event in the series, but the circumstances following it bring the beloved trio together, allowing them to bond through their trauma and love for podcasts (as depicted in this meme from Reddit user AceOfSerberit).

Oliver the Mastermind

Each person in the trio brings their own specific skill set and relevant past to the group, allowing them to solve two murders and produce one of the best murder-mystery podcasts in the show. However, when it comes to who gets most of the credit for the podcast's success, that undoubtedly goes to Oliver.

He is the mastermind behind the podcast's production, always working on new angles and quotes and constantly recording to get the best content. He is the visionary that brings the podcast to life (as shown in this meme posted by Redditor Kwilly462).

The Slow Merge

I love how Charles and Oliver are slowly rubbing off on Mabel 🥺#OnlyMurders #OMITB

— Daniel ✡︎ 🧩 (@TheArtOfLoss) June 29, 2022

As the series progresses, viewers can see how the relationships between the core three are evolving and deepening. Three people who started off as complete strangers now find themselves irrevocably tied to one another, and their impact on one another can be seen through the show's subtleties.

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As shown by @TheArtOfLoss, two such instances have been depicted in season 2 with Mabel very slowly but evidently adopting the styles and behaviors of her two good friends: when Mabel ditches her usual best outfits to dress like Charles, and when she later records like Oliver.

Charles & Mabel

Charles and Mabel share a very wholesome and loving dynamic, with him constantly being worried about her and only wanting the best for her. He may even see aspects of Lucy in her, whose loss was one of the saddest things about Charles.

However, he can at times come off as a bit overbearing due to his attachment to Mabel, such as in the scene in "Twist" when he makes assumptions and chastises her for not being honest. As noted by Reddit user full_onrainstorm, his offended and wounded rant is very similar to Janice's from Mean Girls.

Good ol' Charles


— disdain 🦢 only murders (over the rainbow) (@__valfoy) June 28, 2022

As well-intentioned and determined he may be, and despite being one of the show's best characters, Charles-Haden Savage is not always the best when it comes to high stake situations or executing plans flawlessly.

Whether it be missing OliMabel's texts while preoccupied by Jan or, as captured in this meme by @__valfoy, shutting the door at the end of Bunny's elevator, he has dropped the ball a few times. And it does not appear that this personality trait of his will be changing anytime soon in the new season.

A Familiar Trio

Same Vibes 🤭 #OMITB#OnlyMurdersInTheBuilding

— Vinni Candido (@VinniCandido) June 30, 2022

The three protagonists have made quite an impression on their fans. With their charming individual lives and impeccable chemistry, the trio is the main reason many viewers eagerly awaited the newest season of Only Murders in the Building.

Yet, as noted by @VinniCandido their little family feels very reminiscent of another endearing trio: Sully, Boo, and Mike from Monsters Inc. Not only do they share many similarities with the three Disney characters and their wholesome relationship, but this trio has proven to be just as loved as the former.