Ocarina Of Time's Easiest Things To Miss If You Want To 100% The Game

Finding every hidden item and secret side activity to 100% The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can be a daunting task, especially because some things are very easily missed. While some quests and hidden features will only award Rupees, others may lead to item upgrades, Heart Pieces, or one of the many Gold Skulltulas used to set free the residents of the House of Skulltula.

To get 100%, all of the heart pieces, weapons, and gear need to be collected. Additionally, players will need to complete Ocarina of Time's disappointing Gold Skulltula hunt, which means tracking down 100 of these creepy creatures. Even if every inch of Hyrule is thoroughly explored, it's still possible to miss a few things because there are certain areas where Link needs to play a specific song to trigger a secret.


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Although there are a lot of activities to complete in Ocarina of Time, it's fairly easy to complete a good portion of the game before ending up wandering around looking for those last few Heart Pieces or Gold Skulltulas. Since a lot of the game involves playing the Ocarina, many secrets can be found by playing songs in suspicious locations, but there are still hidden areas, like the Forest Stage, that need to be found through meticulous exploration. Getting 100% is time-consuming and tedious, especially because some of the Legend of Zelda items are useless for Link to use. However, it can also be fun to track down every secret before facing Ganondorf and completing the final battle.

Deku Weapon Upgrades Are Permanently Missable In Ocarina Of Time

Ocarina Of Time's Easiest Things To Miss If You Want To 100% The Game Forest Stage

The Deku Stick and Deku Nut upgrades in Ocarina of Time allow Link to hold more of each item, but in order to unlock them, the Forest Stage needs to be found. Additionally, due to a bug, these items become permanently missable if Adult Link gets the Poacher's Saw during the trading sequence for the Biggoron's Sword. As a child, Link will need to visit the Forest Stage with the Skull Mask and the Mask of Truth. Both of the masks are unlocked by completing the trading sequence via the Happy Mask Shop, which is run by the Salesman that remembers Link in Majora's Mask. Link can only have one mask out at a time, so it takes some time to travel back and forth.

The Forest Stage is hidden in the area of the Lost Woods with a single tree and some grass on the ground. There's also a dirt plot where Magic Beans can be planted. The entrance to the Forest Stage is a small hole hidden in the grass patch, so it's very easy to miss it completely. Without ever stumbling upon the Forest Stage, it's impossible to know there are missing items to claim there. The challenge of finding the Forest Stage, paired with the glitch that removes the upgrades for the Deku Nuts and Deku Sticks in Legend of Zelda, makes this one of the most easily missed secrets that will prevent players from fully completing the game.

Ocarina Of Time Has 100 Gold Skulltulas That Are Easy To Miss

Ocarina Of Time's Easiest Things To Miss If You Want To 100% The Game Gold Skulltula Hunt

The prize for collecting all of the Gold Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time is a touch disappointing, but there are a few decent rewards for some of the milestones along the way. Unfortunately, even though there are no prizes between 50 and 100 Gold Skultullas, players that want to get 100% will still need to collect all of the tokens. A lot of the Gold Skulltulas are in dungeons and can be found by scanning the walls and listening for their signature scratchy crawling sound.

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However, there are some Gold Skulltulas that are very difficult to find. For example, there's a Gold Skulltula in a hidden room inside Ocarina of Time's tragic Fire Temple. In the room with the rolling boulder maze, there's a ledge where the Scarecrow Song can be played. Pierre will appear and give Link access to the secret Gold Skulltula. Keeping track of where each Gold Skulltula is found can make it easier for players to 100% the game.

Ocarina of Time's Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors Give Two Heart Pieces

Ocarina Of Time's Easiest Things To Miss If You Want To 100% The Game Frogs

As a child, Link can go to Zora's River and find the Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors swimming near a log close to the pillar with a Heart Piece on it. Link can step up to the log to get the frogs' attention, then a music bar will appear and Link will be holding the Ocarina. Playing the best Ocarina of Time songs for the frogs will cause them to grow, and when all five are larger, Link can follow along with their song for a Heart Piece. Playing songs randomly may lead to completing this activity, but there are actually two Heart Pieces to claim from the frogs, and one is more easily missed.

Playing Saria's Song, Sun's Song, Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, and Song of Time will cause all five frogs to grow in size. The frogs will then indicate a sequence of directions so Link can play along with their song. The sequence goes quickly, so it could take a few tries to get the Heart Piece. It's reasonable to assume the side activity is then complete, but there's actually a second Heart Piece to grab. If Link plays Ocarina of Time's Song of Storms, the frogs will reward him with another Heart Piece without requiring any other challenges to be completed.

The Scarecrow Song Is Needed To 100% Ocarina Of Time

Ocarina Of Time's Easiest Things To Miss If You Want To 100% The Game Pierre

The Scarecrow Song is one of the mechanics that's introduced early on when Link is a child, but it can't be used until after Adult Link obtains the Hookshot. There are several Gold Skulltulas and Heart Pieces that can only be collected by using the Scarecrow Song. Generally, if there's a ledge within the range of the Hookshot or Longshot, Link should take out the Ocarina and quickly play the Scarecrow Song to see if Pierre can be summoned. There are 13 Scarecrow Song Hookshot spots in Ocarina of Time, but only a few need to be found since most of them lead to Rupees. The Scarecrow Song spots are just some of the secrets that can be missed in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so players that want to 100% that game should frequently look around to make sure they don't miss anything.