Noted Zoo Enthusiast Kevin Owens Explains Why A Panda Is On His New Merch

Kevin Owens missed the Money In The Bank premium live event with a minor injury, but WWE is still cranking out awesome merchandise for The Prize Fighter. He's consistently moved solid units for the company, so they tend to stay on top of new designs for Owens. He's had his own versions of several premium live event shirts, and this newest design is slick as well.

Dating back to his time on the independent scene, Owens has always shared his love for animals and zoos on social media platforms such as Twitter. Now that aspect of his personality has leaked into his WWE merch, with his latest shirt featuring a panda. Yes, that's right. A panda.


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Owens took to Twitter via his @FightOwensFight to explain how the panda merch came to be. "For those asking why there’s a panda on my new shirt on @WWEShop, allow me to explain. Here’s what happened: Joe: 'What do you want on your next shirt?' Me: 'I don’t know. A panda?' Joe: 'A panda? Why?!' Me: 'Because pandas rule!' Joe: 'Ok!'"

For those asking why there’s a panda on my new shirt on @WWEShop, allow me to explain.

Here’s what happened:

Joe: “What do you want on your next shirt?”

Me: “I don’t know. A panda?”

Joe: “A panda? Why?!”

Me: “Because pandas rule!”

Joe: “Ok!”

— Kevin (@FightOwensFight) July 5, 2022

It's unclear exactly how long Owens will remain on the shelf. It was noted that he missed his Money In The Bank qualifier match due to a small injury, but he didn't end up making his way onto the card at all. He also wasn't on the most recent edition of Monday Night Raw, where he's been feuding with Ezikiel over him actually being Elias. It's an idea that sounds ridiculous on paper—mostly because it is actually ridiculous—but the two performers have committed to it so it's getting over. Segments like the ones between Ezikiel and Owens are perfect mid-card filler for WWE.

Not every match can be a barn burner, and not every promo can leave fans wondering where the line between reality and fiction starts and stops. Fans will burn out on serious content across a three-hour-long program, so Owens and Ezikiel have been a breath of fresh air for the red brand. They're making audiences laugh while engaging in a somewhat surreal storyline. Their matches have been solid if unspectacular, and the tease of Ezikiel and Elias having a third brother, Elrod, means that this feud could go all the way to SummerSlam. Where WWE just has to put on a cinematic-style match where Owens has to fight Elrod, Ezikiel, and Elias at the same time. Owens could pop up on Friday Night SmackDown on July 8but given his ties to Monday Night Raw, the next time fans could see Owens in action would be on July 11. Brock Lesnar will be on that Raw, though, so there might not be time for a segment with Ezikiel and KO.