New Munsters YouTube Channel Coming From Eddie Actor Butch Patrick

The Munsters star Butch Patrick announces a new YouTube channel titled "All Things Munsters" to capture his travels and fan appreciation. Patrick is an American actor best known for portraying a werewolfish young boy, Eddie Munster, in the 1960s American sitcom The Munsters. The series first premiered in 1962 and ran through 1966, and follows a family of benign monsters. The show received positive reception and succeeded in building up a dedicated fanbase. Its popularity spurred The Munsters film series, as well as several spin-off TV series.

Most recently, interest in The Munsters was renewed when it was announced that Rob Zombie was developing a film adaptation of The Munsters. Zombie, a lifelong fan of the show, has been seeking to make a feature-length film based on the series for years. Now, the project has become a reality with The Munsters set to premiere on September 27, 2022. The film will serve as a prequel to the 1960s series and will examine the origins of The Munsters' characters. Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, Daniel Roebuck, Sylvester McCoy, and Richard Brake are all set to star in the film.


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In light of the recent Zombie movie news, Patrick launched his new YouTube channel, All Things Munsters. In his announcement video, Patrick explained that, since his time on The Munsters, he has spent his life traveling the world and has been joined by his fans every step of the way. Now, he wants to share his experience, fan appreciation and memories, and his present and future travels with viewers. Patrick invited fans to come along on his journey as he shares memories of all the people that made The Munsters possible. Check out his video below:

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Even after all these years, The Munsters does still boast a large fanbase and this is one aspect that will be explored on Patrick's channel. Not only that, but it is very special that Patrick is making sure the show's legacy lives on. Sadly, apart from Pat Priest, Patrick is one of the few surviving original stars of The Munsters. This means his new channel is one of the few sources able to provide a firsthand account of what it was like working on the show. While there is bound to be excitement over Zombie's new film, it is encouraging that Patrick is making sure fans also remember and celebrate where The Munsters all began.

Patrick was roughly 11 years old when he first began acting on The Munsters. Now, almost six decades later, he's sharing his journey from his time on the show to the present. As he stated, he has had the opportunity to travel the world and meet countless fans along the way. The number of stories and memories he has accumulated over the decades, as well as the fan stories of what The Munsters means to them, are likely limitless. Patrick is capturing just how long-lived the legacy of a TV series can be as he creates a new YouTube channel wholly dedicated to The Munsters.