MultiVersus: 10 Improvements Over Super Smash Bros

For many years, Super Smash Bros. has been the undisputed king of the platform fighting genre. However, there is a brand new but already beloved creation from Warner Bros ready to take the throne in MultiVersus.

Available to play across many platforms, MultiVersus has seen a very large player base during its beta testing phase. Although there are undoubtedly connections and similarities between the games, it aims to be a much different fighting game in Smash, as it does a lot of things different - and perhaps even better.


Multiple Characters from MultiVersus

Free-to-play appears to be a major trend these days, with many games being easily accessible to anyone without having to pay a single dime. Apex Legends and Fortnite are just a few free-to-play games that have already revolutionized the industry as well as offering epic battle royales to players.


While Brawlhalla is the first game of the platform fighting genre to have this trait, MultiVersus has followed suit in its free accessibility, thereby making the barrier to entry pretty low. Granted there are a couple of in-game purchases, but MultiVersus being free makes for a more open player base.

Voice Acting

Batman in MultiVerse

Super Smash Bros. offers plenty of voice acting in their games. Characters usually say a line when using a certain move, doing a taunt, or even in their post-match victory. Some may even say a line in their Star KO when they're flying off the stage!

Voice acting is more expansive in MultiVersus though, which is no surprise given the voice cast the game has. Announcer voices can be customized, which means that Kevin Conroy can be the announcer for any fight that doesn't have Batman in it.

Extensive Customization

Wonder Woman taunting in MultiVersus

Speaking of customized announcer voices, MultiVersus offers plenty of customization for its players. Not only skins can be changed, but emotes and taunts can be customized as well. Each character comes with a "variant", with some having more than one. A few of these variants can even transform a character entirely.

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Many of these variants and emotes have to be unlocked, mainly through the game's Battle Pass. Another way to unlock variants is by raising a character's Master Level, which can easily be done by playing several matches with that character.

Perk System

Shaggy going Ultra Instinct

MultiVersus has a cool feature called Perks, in which players can give their character a buff. These Perks come in three categories - Offense, Defense, and Utility. Also available are Signature Perks, which are exclusive to specific fighters. Using the right perks can assure victory, which is a must for beginning players.

These Perks offer many advantages; some can increase a character's projectile speed while others grant an extra jump after damaging an opponent in the air. In team play, if both players in the same guild select the same Perk, that Perk becomes stacked. This means that the Perk's effects are enhanced - or even altered.

Character Classes

Iron Giant in MultiVersus

Character archetypes are a pretty common theme in fighting games. You have the all-rounders, the glass cannons, the heavyweights, and so on and so forth. MultiVersus embraces this concept with Character Classes, which can let players determine who the strongest (and weakest) characters are.

Each fighter in MultiVersus comes with a Character Class, which specifies that fighter's role and the areas that they do generally well in. Five unique Classes exist in the game - Bruiser, Tank, Mage, Support, and Assassin. There is also a Vertical, Horizontal, or Hybrid categorization, which essentially highlights "which direction their moves are best suited for covering."

Emphasis On Team Play

Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark in MultiVersus

A major emphasis on MultiVersus is the focus on cooperative team play. 2-vs-2 is considered to be the game's primary mode, although 1-vs-1 and four-player free-for-all are other options. The game design is based around 2-vs-2, as a plethora of moves are designed for team play.

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For instance, moves such as Wonder Woman's lasso can either attack enemies or pull allies back to the stage. Certain moves can protect a teammate, or give them a useful item. Whereas in Smash, where team play can feel like a regular one-on-one match, MultiVersus team play is much more compact.

Aerial Combat

Lebron James dunking in MultiVersus

Aerial combat in Super Smash Bros is very solid, with plenty of recovery moves and air dodging to go around. Compared to Smash Bros, however, MultiVersus has a higher focus on aerial combat, with each character having two mid-air jumps AND two air dodges.

Additionally, in MultiVersus characters can use their special moves in the air. Each character is allowed plenty of freedom to move around in the air, which mixes in well with the game's 2-vs-2 emphasis. There is plenty of time to spike a foe off the stage or save a teammate from falling to their doom.

Character Interactions

Harley Quinn and Taz in MultiVersus

In Super Smash Bros, the characters don't really interact as much. Sure they can throw a taunt at each other, but there's not nearly enough direct communication to go around. Sonic the Hedgehog telling Captain Falcon "You're too slow!" just doesn't feel as right as it should.

With MultiVersus being a huge crossover game with great voice actors, there are plenty of interactions to be had with the game's wacky cast. Characters have unique lines for each match, and can even rib each other before a battle. Seeing LeBron James trash talk Rick Sanchez will truly be a sight to behold.

Global Cosmetics

That's All Folks in MultiVersus

Skins and emotes aren't the only things that can be customized in MultiVersus. Things such as ring-out effects and banners can be customized, thereby making the overall experience a bit more fun and immersive.

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For anyone who wants to see Porky Pig go "That's All, Folks" as their opponent is blasted off the screen, or even see the House Lannister flag wave as a foe falls offstage, all they have to do is change the ring-out effect. These kinds of cosmetics have to be unlocked, but it makes unlocking them all the more rewarding.

Rollback Netcode

Finn the Human in MultiVersus

One of the main complaints about Super Smash Bros Ultimate's online mode is the lack of rollback netcode. It has become so much of an issue that one software engineer, DShad, created a mod for Switch emulators. It should be noted, however, that this mod is not yet available to the public.

That doesn't seem to be a problem for MultiVersus, as the game comes with a rollback netcode for all platforms. This netcode is server-based, meaning that anyone can play MultiVersus online without much of a hitch.

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