Mission: Impossible 7 Director Hints Wild Submarine Fan Theory Is Right

The director of Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One has potentially revealed a massive stunt that will be taking place in a submarine. The film is the seventh movie in a franchise that began with Brian De Palma's 1996 film Mission: Impossible, which in turn was a follow-up to the television series of the same name, which aired from 1966 to 1973. The films star Tom Cruise as superspy Ethan Hunt, though the current format of the blockbuster franchise - in which the actor performs death-defying real-life stunts including running down the side of Burj Khalifa and clinging to the side of a midair jet - began to appear with the fourth film, 2011's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.


Dead Reckoning Part One, which is set to premiere in theaters on July 14, 2023, followed by Part Two on June 28, 2024, already has its own set of mind-boggling stunts prepared. This includes a scene where Cruise is hanging off the top of a biplane while it's flipping upside down. However, it has also been confirmed that both Dead Reckoning films will feature action setpieces revolving around a giant submarine.

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For their 200th episode, the Light the Fuse podcast celebrated with a massive slate of interview guests, including Cruise himself, Mission: Impossible 7 stars Mark Gatiss and Nick Offerman, writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, and editor Eddie Hamilton, with a special appearance from Cruise's Top Gun: Maverick co-stars Glen Powell, Greg Tarzan Davis, and Danny Ramirez. During their conversation with McQuarrie, the hosts brought up a fan theory that the scuba suit seen in Dead Reckoning's submarine scene could be used to exit the submarine through the missile hatch. McQuarrie coyly responded, saying that "everything that that person is speculating on is certainly something you could do with that suit." Read his full quote below:

We came up with this submarine sequence, that then kind of ran away… it took on a life of its own, as things in Mission do, and it became… something of a character in and of itself.

[That fan theory is] interesting. That’s all very fascinating. That sounds like stuff that would be exciting to put in a movie... I would say everything that that person is speculating on is certainly something you could do with that suit.

mission impossible 7 underwater submarine scene

While he isn't fully committing to confirmation, this playful quote would certainly seem to imply that the theory is exactly right. Knowing Cruise's penchant for verisimilitude, this more or less guarantees that the actor filmed a scene where he swims out through the missile hatch of a submarine. This is certainly not something Ethan Hunt has ever attempted before, proving yet again that there is always something bigger and more bombastic around the corner for the iconic character.

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One and its sequel are set to end the current iteration of the Mission: Impossible franchise. While that news will likely disappoint fans, it certainly sounds like they are pulling out all the stops to make the finale as thrilling as possible. Considering the fact that the submarine is going to be featured in both movies, it is also likely that the scuba scene will be the least exciting thing to happen with the setpiece, which is a thrilling prospect.