MCU: 8 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Jane Foster As A Character

Academy Award winner Natalie Portman returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a nine-year absence thanks to Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder. The actress reprises her role as Jane Foster, a famed astrophysicist and Thor's former girlfriend who somehow wields Mjolnir, becoming Mighty Thor.

Jane was already a well-received character, but her transformation into Mighty Thor turned her into a bona fide fan favorite. Indeed, Jane is now one of the MCU's best female characters, and these memes are the perfect proof. They're funny and sometimes clever, perfectly summarizing her character and place in the ever-expanding MCU.


A Journey For The Ages

Jane Foster was one of the first leading female characters in the MCU. Natalie Portman initially played her in 2011's Thor and returned for the much-maligned sequel, 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Portman skipped the third entry, Thor: Ragnarok, and spent nearly a decade away from the MCU before making her grand return in Love and Thunder.

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This meme, posted on the subreddit r/marvelmemes, perfectly summarizes Jane's journey in the MCU by using the template from another of Portman's famous characters, Padmé from Star Wars. The helmet on the last image is the cherry on top of a perfectly executed meme.

I Guess They're Not That Good

Comic book fans know Jane Foster's journey is fascinating. She is one of the most brilliant characters in the Marvel universe, worthy enough to wield Mjolnir and become the Mighty Thor. Her cancer sickness is a prominent part of her storyline in the comics and Thor: Love and Thunder, but it's somewhat weird that such illnesses are still commonplace in a universe where humans can shrink to atomic size and literal time travel and magic are possible.

Reddit user jaobodam posted this hilarious meme, which raises an eyebrow at this potential plot hole. The scientists in the MCU need to step up their game; if Professor Hulk could "cure" his Hulk-ness, surely he could do something for cancer research.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Thor and Jane might be the MCU's most relatable couple. They aren't as popular as Pepper and Tony or Wanda and Vision, but they have shared many memorable moments throughout their MCU journey. During their separation between the first two movies, Jane dates another guy, played by the hilarious Chris O'Dowd, but her heart is still clearly with Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder provides further detail about Thor and Jane's romance, finally showcasing their relationship and making it clear their love was the real deal. This meme by Reddit user SuperSaiyanFupaFlump celebrates Thor and Jane's relationship while remaining funny and casual.

The Catchphrase To End All Catchphrases

A major part of Jane's story in Thor: Love and Thunder is her quest for a catchphrase to define her superhero persona. She comes up with, "eat my hammer!" which sounds somewhat silly, but she eventually settles for one moments before she dies. She whispers it in Thor's ear and receives his seal of approval.

Fans on Reddit have several ideas of what Jane's catchphrase could be, but the best suggestion by far is "It's Thorbin time." The "It's whatever-in' time" meme is close to becoming overexposed, but it remains funny in an incredibly silly way, meaning Jane could conceivably consider it for her catchphrase.

Finders Keepers

Everything about Jane in Thor Love and Thunder makes me feel good

— Andrew Ivimey (@Ivimey) May 26, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder follows the God of Thunder dealing with his feelings towards Jane and Mjolnir, with Stormbreaker acting like a jealous partner. The storyline ends somewhat tragically, but at least Thor reunites with his one true love: Mjolnir.

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Twitter user @Ivimey posted this funny meme about Thor's insistence on recovering Mjolnir and Jane's reluctance to give it up. Why would she, when the hammer gives her the strength of Thor and stays with her willingly? Few people would give up so much power, but Jane was using it selflessly and in service of others, proving herself worthy of wielding the mighty hammer.

Looking The Part

Being a superhero is hard. Actors need to work out to look the part, especially when the character they're playing is called "Mighty Thor." Natalie Portman took things seriously and fully committed to the workout, transforming into a shockingly buff physique.

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Within the film, Mjolnir gives Jane Thor's powers, explaining her considerable increase in size and strength. Seeing her next to Tessa Thompson's equally muscular Valkyrie is the stuff of comic book fans' dreams. Reddit user SchnieboJr knows it and created this accurate and funny meme to celebrate these two powerful characters.

Magic Isn't That Magical

Poor #JaneFoster. #ThorLoveAndThunder #Thor #StarWars

— Cinema Stubs 🎙️ (@CinemaStubs) July 13, 2022

Jane isn't the only character that has wielded Mjolnir in the comics, but she is one of the most prominent. Thor: Love and Thunder goes against the comics by stating Mjolnir chose Jane because of something Thor said years before the film's plot.

After her diagnosis, Jane believes Mjolnir might save her, and that's honestly a safe assumption to make. Why wouldn't a magic hammer from Norse legend be able to cure a mortal disease? Alas, Mjolnir can't do anything, and this meme by Twitter user @CinemaStubs pokes fun at that, using very black humor but getting away with it.

What The Future Holds

Eita 😳#meme #JaneFoster #marvel #Thor

— Marcelo Silva (@MarceloSkyArt) June 10, 2022

Comic book fans know that Thor isn't Jane's only romance in the comics. She also has a thing with Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, in one of the strangest relationships in Marvel Comics.

It's unknown if Jane and Sam will come together in the MCU, although it's highly unlikely. Still, the idea of Thor seeing them together is enough to bring out a chuckle from even the most casual fan. Twitter user @MarceloSkyArt  posted this hilarious meme about the potential relationship, and Thor's reaction is pretty much what fans would expect it to be.

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