Matt Smith Responds To Possible Doctor Who Return

Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith says that he feels he's "too old" to play the Doctor again when asked about potentially returning to the series. Smith portrayed the eleventh incarnation of the Time Lord from 2010 to 2013. Doctor Who is set to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023, which will also see the arrival of the new Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa.

Announced as the next incarnation of the Doctor to follow David Tennant's portrayal in 2009, Smith was at the time the youngest actor to be cast in the role at the age 0f 26. Making his debut in the final moments of "The End of Time - Part 2," Smith's Doctor presented a youthful, eccentric, and energetic personality that remained throughout his tenure. While Smith departed the series in 2013, news of Tennant's return for Doctor Who's 6oth anniversary led to fans expressing their hopes to see Smith return as part of the celebrations.


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During a Rolling Stone interview about his role in House of the Dragon, Smith was asked whether he would return to Doctor Who in the future. While the actor stated that he would be open to returning, he also specified that the decision would be primarily based on the quality of the script. Smith also admitted that despite his willingness to return, he also doubted whether it would be a good decision, explaining that he feels like he is too old to take on the role again. Check out Smith's answer below.

"Maybe, if it was the right script. I mean, I don’t know if I’ve got too old now. It would have to be really right."

With Smith expressing his reluctance, it's possible that he will not appear in 2023's 60th anniversary special episodes. Smith previously addressed a potential 60th-anniversary appearance in an interview in November 2021, where, at the time, he indicated that nobody had been in contact with him about reprising his role, but nevertheless expressed his excitement at what returning showrunner Russell T Davies would bring to the show.

Smith's incarnation of the Doctor is fondly remembered for his ambitiously scaled, fairytale-inspired adventures and adventurous, eccentric, but compassionate personality. As such, many fans who grew up with the Eleventh Doctor may be disheartened to hear about Smith's doubts about returning, as well as his likely absence from 2023's celebrations. However, Smith has also previously praised Gatwa's casting as well as endorsed Davies' return to the show, showing that Doctor Who still holds a special place within his heart. With Smith's open interest in Doctor Who's future and his willingness to return under certain circumstances, the Eleventh Doctor may yet have future adventures in space and time.