Major Law & Order Crossover Will Reportedly Unite 3 Franchise Shows

A major Law & Order crossover scheduled for the fall will reportedly unite three franchise shows: the Law & Order revival, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime. The mothership show, Law & Order, was revived in 2021 for season 21 after its initial run from 1990-2010. The show has since been renewed for another season. Law & Order: SVU’s next season will be season 24, and Organized Crime will just be in season 3.

All of the Law & Order shows have been undergoing significant changes recently. Both Organized Crime and SVU will have new showrunners for their upcoming seasons. The Law & Order revival also has announced several casting shifts, including the departure of Anthony Anderson and the return of Sam Waterson. All three shows will have to forge new ground with different casts and creative teams as they enter their new respective seasons.


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In advance of their next season debuts, however, it looks like Law & Order fans will get to see a crossover of all three shows, as reported by TV Line. The special is intended to launch all three seasons of the new shows. The Law & Order special will most likely premiere on NBC on Thursday, September 22, although scheduling issues could push the special into later in the fall.

Law and Order Season 22 Sam Waterston

This special will not be the first time that Law & Order has engaged with crossover episodes. SVU previously teamed up with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire in a crossover episode. However, the airing of this special would mark the biggest Law & Order crossover special to date. While SVU’s collaboration with Dick Wolf’s Chicago shows brought the Law & Order characters outside the world of the show, this crossover would be the only Law & Order special that marries three shows that are all exclusively within the Law and Order universe.

The cast of the Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime special has yet to be revealed, leaving open many possibilities for the special. With the potential to draw talent from all three shows, it will be interesting to see how this crossover special uses its mainstay characters and the new characters that have been acquired along the way. The Law and Order revival, for example, has brought on Mortal Kombat actor Mehcad Brooks. Brooks will play a new detective on the show, but character details have yet to be fully revealed. While still reviving the characters all Law & Order fans know and love, the special has the opportunity to introduce new characters like Brooks’s character, establishing interesting dynamics both between the characters on different shows and within each individual show. The Law & Order crossover special has a current target release date of Thursday, September 22, 2022 on NBC.