Kim Kardashian's Walk Roasted At Balenciaga Fashion Show

Kim Kardashian is being roasted across social media after a video clip showed The Kardashians star's runway walk at a recent Balenciaga fashion show. Kim is known for serving fierce looks in photo shoots, but ripping the runway is something she leaves to her younger sister Kendall Jenner. As the only certified supermodel in the famous family, Kendall gets to travel the world for photo shoots and runway shows. While her sisters enjoy paid appearances as well, Kendall is the only KarJenner hailed as one of the highest-paid models in the world.

The SKIMS founder is still highly immersed in the fashion world. The success of Kim's loungewear line helped catapult her success in fashion. Long gone are the days when Kim needed Kanye West to get her into the most sought-after rooms in fashion. Kim now enjoys SKIMS partnerships with the likes of Fendi and has her own ambassador role with Balenciaga. Kim's esteemed reputation in luxury fashion has grown so much that she's now deemed fit to walk down the runway as a model.


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But Kim's recent runway debut at the Balenciaga fashion show is being ripped apart online by critics who think she should just stick to taking gorgeous photos. Attendees captured video clips of some of the ladies who ripped the runway for the luxury designer. Kim was among the A-listers to serve as models for Balenciaga's 51st Couture Collection in Paris. Other celebs who walked the runway with Kim included Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Christine Quinn. With real-life supermodels like Naomi and Bella as competition, it was easy for Kim to stand out like a sore thumb when she stepped onto the runway. The Shade Room shared clips of Naomi and Kim's runway performance, and fans wasted no time digging into Kim's emotionless stride. "Kim walk[s] like how Kourtney talk[s]. dry af," one person wrote. "Yea Kim is strictly for photoshoots," added someone else.

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Many praised Naomi for showing how well she can still perform after more than three decades of strutting her stuff as a high-profile supermodel. Seeing Kim walk after Naomi served the reality star no justice. Many felt like Kim gave "nothing," while Naomi served face and fashion from head to toe. "Naomi and Kim should not be sharing the same stage," one fan wrote. Others expressed how undeserving they think Kim was to walk a runway for a luxury designer in Paris alongside the likes of Naomi. While Kim has acquired billionaire status through her fame and business endeavors, being a supermodel is not on her resume as a specialty.

Kim is known for serving fashionable looks, taking stunning photos and being one of the highest-paid social media influencers alongside her sisters. The Kardashians star isn't praised for her modeling abilities. If anything, Kendall even catches heat for her performance as a model. Critics also blast Kendall's runway walk and cover shoots and accuse her of serving "nothing" like her older sister. Despite the naysayers, the KarJenners continue to relish in their success and enjoy being in rooms others can only dream of. Even if Kim can't walk, she's still in the room--and possibly even paid to be there.