Khloé Kardashian Did 'Not Care’ if Tristan Missed 2nd Baby’s Birth

Khloé Kardashian was so focused on welcoming her second baby, The Kardashians star reportedly did "not care" if Tristan Thompson was there or not. Khloé and Tristan have been separated in the months they've patiently awaited the arrival of their second child. It's their first surrogacy pregnancy that was conceived one month before Tristan's paternity scandal was revealed. Khloé kept the pregnancy a secret in wake of their split. But now that the cat is out of the bag, Khloé is excited about expanding her family even if Tristan will have a distant role.


Fans were shocked when it was confirmed that Khloé and Tristan were expecting a baby. The pair called it quits last December when the world learned that Tristan stepped out on Khloé and conceived a child with another woman. Khloé and Tristan were reconciled at the time he impregnated Maralee Nichols and were planning for a second baby. Despite a few more breakups and makeups last year, Khloé took Tristan back with hopes of raising their two children together as a family. But one month after their surrogate came through, Tristan's cheating was put on blast once again.

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Before the second baby arrived Friday, Khloé was fully prepared to welcome their baby boy with open arms, even if she had to do it as a single parent. “Khloé wants to be there for the birth and she does not care if Tristan is there or not,” a source told Us Weekly. In wake of the breakup, Khloé has remained adamant that she has no desire to take Tristan back this time around. Fans have watched the Good American co-founder break up with Tristan and take him back within a matter of months. In the six years of their on-and-off relationship, Khloé has called it quits with Tristan numerous times due to his infidelity. Once he cheated and got another woman pregnant, that was the final straw for Khloé.

Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson

Fans have speculated if Khloé will warm back up to Tristan now that they welcomed another child. But considering Tristan's third child that was born in December, and whom he reportedly still hasn't met, Khloé is possibly not expecting to be a completely present dad to their new one. Maralee has blasted Tristan for being an absentee father to their infant son Theo. The NBA player has avoided meeting his third child or providing any financial support. Alleged text messages show how hard Tristan worked to persuade Maralee to terminate the pregnancy. Khloé has said that she learned of the paternity scandal at the same time as everyone else.

After years of lying and cheating with other women, Khloé apparently isn't expecting much from Tristan these days. The Kardashians star was reportedly all set to welcome her baby boy. Khloé has the support of her family and close friends and can handle being a mom of two without a father inside the same home. Two of her sisters and her brother all maintain co-parenting relationships with their exes. Khloé now joins Kourtney, Kim, and Rob Kardashian as the co-parents of the group.