Joker 2 First Story Details Reportedly Reveal Arkham Asylum Plot

The first story details have emerged for Joker 2, with the plot reportedly involving Arkham Asylum. Upon its release in 2019, Joker became a massive hit, introducing audiences to a darker and more gritty take on the iconic Batman supervillain. With Joaquin Phoenix's take on Joker proving popular (and winning him an Oscar), and with the film vastly exceeding box office expectations, it didn't take long before a sequel was announced, set to reunite Phoenix with Joker writer/director Todd Phillips.

Sporting the working title of Joker: Folie à Deux, the Joker sequel has already generated buzz due to teases about the film that have emerged online, including the fact that it could be a musical. Lady Gaga is also reportedly in talks to join in the film in the role of Harley Quinn. The first Joker ends with Phoenix's Joker locked up in Arkham Asylum, receiving treatment for his mental illness. In the moments before the credits roll, however, it's suggested that Joker kills the doctor treating him before running off and being chased by guards, leaving many to wonder how Joker 2's story will address his incarceration.


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Now, per a new report from The Wrap, it's said that Joker 2's story will supposedly heavily involve Arkham Asylum. Specific details regarding the location's role in the story remain unknown, but the plot is said to take place extensively within the walls of the iconic Gotham City psychiatric facility. While it's unclear how soon after the events of the first film Joker: Folie a Deux will take place, the new development suggests that Phoenix's character does not immediately escape after killing his therapist.

Joker ending scene pic

Much remains unknown about the highly-anticipated sequel, but Arkham Asylum has been an important part of Batman and Joker stories for decades and is known for housing an array of dangerous criminals. The facility was first introduced in a run of Batman comics back in 1974 and has since appeared in numerous live-action and animated adaptations, as well as video games. In Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, the facility eventually comes to house Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow and, it's assumed, Heath Ledger's Joker.

While still unconfirmed, it's possible that Phoenix's Joker and Gaga's Quinn meet and develop a relationship while in Arkham. In most iterations of the character, Harley Quinn starts off as Joker's therapist at Arkham, so the setting could provide a perfect way to introduce her. Although it's still unclear how exactly Arkham Asylum will feature into Joker 2, fans of the character's source material are sure to be excited about the prospect of the film further exploring a new take on the iconic Gotham City location.