Iron Man's Endo-Sym Armor Made A Powerhouse Avenger Look Weak

Tony Stark's incredible Endo-Sym Iron Man armor once allowed him to absorb his fellow hero Spectrum, making the powerful Avenger look surprisingly weak. In Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7 from Marvel Comics, Superior Iron Man and the Axis Avengers confronted Spectrum and the Mighty Avengers, threatening to "crush" the group unless they disband. As war broke out between the two Avengers teams, Tony Stark showed off his armor's powers by miraculously absorbing Spectrum inside his suit.

While Tony Stark has always let his ego and self-interests drive his decision-making as a hero, Iron Man became a villain during the Axis event from Marvel Comics. After a magical spell made some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes embrace their darkest thoughts and sides, Iron Man became the Superior Iron Man. He created a brand new liquid suit, referred to as his Endo-Sym armor, that was part symbiote and granted him powers he never had before. Unfortunately, Stark used his innovation not to better the world but to develop a new Extremis virus, which put him in conflict with several Avengers along the way.


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In Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7 by Al Ewing, Luke Ross, Iban Coello, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Travis Lanham from Marvel Comics, the inverted Avengers led by Superior Iron Man in his Endo-Sym armor take on the Mighty Avengers. Tony Stark tells them their team name breaches his trademark while demanding they disband. The Mighty Avengers refuse, leading the dark Avengers team to strike them down. However, after Spectrum gains the upper hand, Scarlet Witch alters probability, allowing Iron Man to guess her electromagnetic frequency, letting him absorb her inside his suit.

The Endo-Sym armor's electromagnetic absorption abilities, combined with Scarlet Witch's magical probability altering, made Spectrum, one of Marvel's biggest powerhouses, look shockingly weak. Despite Spectrum's energy-absorbing powers, once Superior Iron Man managed to lock on to her frequency, he effectively trapped the hero inside his symbiote suit. Monica Rambeau would eventually break free, but the Endo-Sym armor, when tuned to the right absorption channel, turned out to be a perfect counter to the mighty Avenger.

Thankfully, Tony Stark wouldn't remain in his darkest Superior Iron Man form for very long. However, his evil deeds committed while wearing his Endo-Sym armor made the usual hero one of the most despicable Avengers ever. Absorbing Spectrum and making the hero look weak might have been effective, but it also showed that the Inverted Avengers completely lost the plot while trying to take down a heroic team just trying to do the right thing. Iron Man's villainous turn is a period the hero would love to forget.

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