Hypercharge: Unboxed - How to Unlock Wraith (Action Figure)

The Wraith is an unlockable action figure in the wave-based shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed. Hypercharge: Unboxed is an indie wave-based shooter where players are action figures that need to protect the Hypercore from enemies. In addition to the base characters and gameplay, players can unlock a lot of bonus content throughout the different levels based on how well they performed in each match.

Players explore levels in Hypercharge: Unboxed that take place inside a house, and as small action figures, the environment, and regular household items are much bigger obstacles. Hypercharge: Unboxed looks like the video game version of the 1998 film Small Soldiers. It's a colorful, waxy-coated game that brings players back to a childhood of playing with army toys and figurines. With level names like "Fort Jeep" and "Action Attic," players explore a variety of environments to shoot back a horde of enemies in waves, either in single-player or co-op play.


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The Wraith is one of the unlockable skins in Hypercharge: Unboxed. Once collected, players can change their character skins from the main menu under "customization." Players will be able to customize the character skin, weapon skins, and turret skins that are used in the game. Some of the character skins are available from the beginning of the game, but others need to be unlocked in different levels.

How to Unlock the Wraith Skin in Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge Unboxed Wraith Skin Action Figure

Wraiths in Hypercharge: Unboxed are knights clad in armor. The heads can be customized as well, but the basic action figure for the wraith comes with a torn chest. Wraiths can looks skeletal with the Grim head, or like an undead Templar Knight with the Templar head. The Wraith is an unlockable action figure that can be earned from achieving gold in the Fort Jeep level. Fort Jeep takes place in a garage, and players can jump around on a lawnmower, workbench, water heater, and of course, a Jeep. Once players start Fort Jeep, they have 2 minutes to prepare for the first wave of enemies.

To earn gold in Hypercharge: Unboxed, players need to complete the map with all cores intact with any % hp. Hypercores can be knocked out by the enemy wave, so players should use batteries to keep the shield around the Hypercore charged. Batteries can be depleted or knocked out by enemies, especially explosives ones, so monitoring the Hypercores while keeping the waves of enemies at bay is critical in earning gold on each level. Once players get gold on the Fort Jeep level, they will unlock the Wraith skin that they can use while customizing their characters.