How To Get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sapphiron Ore is a Rarity-8 Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that Hunters must collect to forge pieces of Master Rank equipment for the Chainmail X Set, Five Element Set, Vaik X Set, Leather X Set, and several others. Like other Ores in the locales of the world, Sapphiron Ore is gathered from Mining Outcrops, clusters of crystallized minerals found in fixed locations throughout various zones in MHR: Sunbreak. An optimal way to farm Mining Outcrops for Sapphiron Ore would be to embark on a Master Rank Expedition for quick locale access without mission objectives.

Hunters can get Sapphiron Ore from harvesting the Mining Outcrops of the Jungle, an island featuring rich greenery, expansive underground caverns, and relaxing waterside sands. Accordingly, this locale contains multiple Ore nodes where players can potentially harvest Sapphiron Ore. While there is no absolute guarantee that a Hunter will successfully find the target Ore on their mining expedition, there is a helpful technique that can help improve their chances of acquiring Sapphiron Ore while gathering.


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Before embarking on a mining expedition to get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters are recommended to equip gear imbued with the Geologist Skill, a passive effect that increases the number of times a player can interact with a gathering node, such as Bonepiles in Monster Hunter Rise. At max Level 3, the Geologist Skill lets players gather extra resources from Mining Outcrops. Accordingly, this mechanic heightens the possibility of collecting the elusive Sapphiron Ore from a node.

Farming Sapphiron Ore In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Farming Locations For Sapphiron Ore In MHR Sunbreak

Stamina management is also crucial when gathering expeditions for Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. While it might not affect the outcome of the gathering haul, having sufficient Stamina to quickly scale walls and climb cliffs is vital for farming speed and efficiency. Therefore, having the maximum amount of Stamina available can be very helpful when searching for Mining Outcrops containing Sapphiron Ore. Ordering Dango Wall Runner or Dango Glutton at the Canteen before departure can enhance Stamina cost reduction. Furthermore, eating a Well-done Steak or Rations will fully replenish one's missing Stamina upon entering an instanced location in Monster Hunter Rise.

Here is a list of Mining Outcrop locations for farming Sapphiron Ore in the Jungle of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

  • Zone 5: three can be found in the underground tunnel leading to Zone 7
  • Zone 10: in the tunnel leading to Zone 10
  • Zone 2: on the grey ridge north of the zone
  • Zone 8: two can be found in the hidden cave accessible via the secret entrance by the elevated shrubbery to the left of the Sub-Camp alcove
  • Zone 6: south of the center of the map
  • Zone 7: in a secret tunnel with a Relic, above two waterfalls