How To Get Hellfire Shards in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Hellfire Shard is a Rarity-8 Monster Material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak used for forging pieces of the Kaiser X Armor Set — specifically, the Kaiser Greaves X, Kaiser Vambraces X, and Kaiser Coil X. This Armor Set is an excellent equipment choice for maxing the offensive Skill Effects including Critical Eye Lv. 7 and Critical Boost Lv. 3. The complete set also offers Master's Touch Lv. 3 for highly reduced Sharpness loss, Ballistics Lv. 2, and Teostra Blessing, which buffs Fire attack and Blast buildup as well as prevents Poison, Venom, and even Theft from Melynxs.

To get the Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters must hunt down Master Rank Teostra, an Elder Dragon capable of inflicting players with Fireblight and Blastblight. This Large Monster is immune to Fire and resistant to Thunder and Dragon attacks. Conversely, Teostra is highly vulnerable to Water and Ice. As a Threat Level 8, this Elder Dragon requires that Hunters be well-equipped with adequate armor and weaponry before taking on this challenging hunt.


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The Hellfire Shard has a 31% chance of being a Target Reward for Teostra once the hunt has been completed. Moreover, there is a 24% chance of a Hunter acquiring the material while carving the body in MHR and a 12% chance from the tail. Lastly, Dropped the Hellfire Shard has a 30% chance of being given as a Dropped Material Reward at the end of the hunt. For clarification, the shard does not drop from a broken Teostra part in combat. Instead, it is in the list of items rewarded to the player before returning to the village or outpost.

Farming Hellfire Shards In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Farming Hellfire Shards In MHR Sunbreak

To farm Hellfire Shards in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters will need to know several tips and tricks on how to take down Teostra effectively. First, Teostra has two "modes" during battle: Fire and Blast. Players can recognize which mode is active by inspecting the particle effects around the monster's body. For example, blast attacks will explode, while Fire attacks will inflict Fireblight in Sunbreak. The best way to avoid both is by rushing behind one of the monster's forelegs during its attack.

Occasionally, Teostra will release several orbs of Blast dust, which have three different results:

  • If the orbs are close to Teostra, roll once away from the monster
  • If the orbs are away from Teostra, roll once towards the monster
  • If the orbs are distant from Teostra, the monster is about to perform a diving attack. Stay within the orb circle and dodge the attack

Nonetheless, most of the time, Hunters should stay near Teostra and keep countering by striking its head after the monster in Sunbreak attacks.