How to Get Caked Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Players can find Caked Stiffbones in the new Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise. Caked Stiffbones are a Bone Material that players can use to craft a variety of gear. They can be found in one location: the Flooded Forest. Much like other new Bone Materials, like Monster Hunter Rise's Chipped Oldbone, players must have Master Rank unlocked before they can find Caked Stiffbones. Those looking to farm Caked Stiffbone should go on a Master Rank Expedition to the Flooded Forest.

The Flooded Forest is one of the original locations in Monster Hunter Rise that players can explore to farm craftable materials or hunt beasts. The region is a combination of dense jungle and flowing rivers, and some of the map is submerged in water. There are also ruins in the Flooded Forest where players can face some new beasts, like one of the Three Lords introduced in the Sunbreak storyline with the Elgado Citadel: Monster Hunter Rise's Garangolm.


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To be able to find Caked Stiffbones, players need to have the Sunbreak DLC downloaded and have started the questlines that open up the Elgado Outpost. Once the Outpost is open, speak to Fiorayne to unlock Master Rank. Players do not need to unlock other ranks in order to get Master Rank. Once these conditions are met, players can find Caked Stiffbones in the Flooded Forest.

How to Get Caked Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Flooded Forest Caked Stiffbone Location

There are four locations where players can find Caked Stiffbones in the Flooded Forest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. All of these locations are Bonepiles, where different types of Bones can be collected. To find Caked Stiffbones, players need to be on Master Rank and go on an expedition. Look for the Bonepiles in Areas 7, 11 and 13 on the upper level, and Area 14 in the lower level. Players may need to use Monster Hunter Rise's Wirebugs to travel to the Bonepile in Area 7. As with any material, there is not a 100% chance that players will find the Caked Stiffbone when they search for a Master Rank Bonepile, so keep grinding until one is found.

Caked Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise can be used to make several pieces of gear, including Ceanataur Mail, Slagtoth Cloak X, Slagtoth Hood X, and the Hoplite's Armor, a piece from the powerful Heavy Knight Set. Once players have enough to craft the desired items, they can sell the extra Caked Stiffbones for 650 gold. Caked Stiffbones are one of the many new things that Monster Hunter Rise introduced with its newest DLC, Sunbreak.