How To Beat Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Lunagaron is a Fanged Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that Hunters will first encounter during the Urgent Hunting Hub Quests, "Ice Wolf, Red Moon" and "Gathering of the Qurio." This Fanged Wyvern is considered to be a Threat Level 7 with Ice as its Element, making it capable of inflicting Iceblight on combatants, decreasing the recovery rate of the Wirebug Gauge. Thus, Lunagaron is resistant to Ice and Water damage in Monster Hunter Rise. However, its characteristics make it weak to Fire and Thunder-affinity weaponry. The parts that take the most damage from Hunter attacks are the Wyvern's Head, Forelegs, and Hind Legs.


With the weaknesses of the Lunagaron in mind, it is recommended that Hunters use weapons such as the Sinister Shade Hammer+, Phoenix Fury+, Teostra Cratergouger, Magma Masher, or Rosenhammer to take it down. Slaying or capturing this Fanged Wyvern will reward players with the Lunagaron Cortex, Lunagaron Shard, Luna Vermilion Hardclaw, Frostborn Hardfang, Lunagaron Bluecore, Lunagaron Frost Jewel, and Lunagaron Lash Shell. The best way to get the Frostborn Hardfang is by breaking Lunagaron's head, and severing its tail is the optimal method for acquiring the Lunagaron Lash Shell.

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Before embarking on a Lunagaron Hunt, players are advised to equip gear with resistance to the Ice Element in Sunbreak for defense. During combat, Lunagaron is able to switch between two forms: its "wolf form" and "werewolf form." Wolf form is active when the monster is on all fours, making it quite agile in battle. However, Lunagaron becomes bipedal in werewolf form and switches to a different set of attacks. Therefore, having a general understanding of the Wyvern's moveset and mechanics can be a great help in taking down this beast.

Defeating Lunagaron In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Defeating Lunagaron In MHR Sunbreak

Here is a brief breakdown of the unique mechanics that Hunters should be aware of when hunting Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

Lunagaron Wolf Form Abilities

  • Lunge: Lunagaron will lunge towards a Hunter, pouncing at them from a distance. It will sometimes execute this leaping attack multiple times.
  • Body Slam: Lunagaron jumps into the air and quickly slams onto a target.
  • Icy Gust: Lunagaron spews a large Iceblight-inflicting blizzard in a single direction.
  • Icy Mist: Lunagaron will let out a vicious roar in Sunbreak, releasing a mist of frost around its body in an AoE.

Lunagaron Werewolf Form Abilities

  • Claw Swipe Combo: Lunagaron will charge at Hunters while swinging its claws several times in an arc motion.
  • Backflip Tail Swipe: Lunagaron will perform a backflip, striking any nearby Hunter with its tail.
  • Reverse Roundhouse Kick: Lunagaron will execute a low roundhouse kick at a nearby target.
  • Rock Hurl: Lunagaron will dig its claw into the ground and then hurl several rocks in a single direction.
  • Leaping Slash: Lunagaron will cross its paws and leap at a Hunter, slashing them upon impact.