How RHUGT Put A Wedge Between Dorinda Medley & Jill Zarin

Dorinda Medley and Jill Zarin are at odds after reigniting their feud on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Dorinda and Jill have a history that dates back to the early seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City. Jill hadn't been full-time on the show since season 4. But during her reign is when Dorinda first made a guest appearance as a friend of Jill's. By season 7, Jill was an afterthought when Dorinda joined the cast full-time.

Dorinda starred on RHONY from season 7 up until she was "put on pause" after season 12 wrapped. Jill and Dorinda wouldn't share the screen together until they were both casts on RHUGT season 2. After a late arrival at Dorinda's Blue Stone Manor, Jill made up for the lost time by cooking some of her most popular dishes for the ladies. But once the drinks started flowing, Dorinda showed the group why she was put on "pause" to begin with. Dorinda managed to get into verbal confrontations with almost every housewife. Cameras captured Dorinda scolding the ladies for minor offenses like eating in their rooms or wearing shoes upstairs, yet she was caught breaking her own rules. Jill and Dorinda exchanged words when hashing out their fallout as friends.


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Since wrapping the second season of the housewives mashup, Dorinda and Jill have continued exchanging digs at each other. Dorinda blasted Jill during her radio show after learning the OG housewife said she might have a "problem" with alcohol. “I think she’s very salacious," Dorinda said of Jill on the July 28 episode of SiriusXM’s Make It Nice With Dorinda Medley. She noted how Jill hasn't been on a housewives show in years and shaded her for wanting a "moment" now that she returned to RHUGT. “She’s having a great moment and she should take it because it’s been a long time for her.” The shady remark suggested what the ladies have all accused Jill of on RHUGT: being "thirsty" for attention.

Dorinda Medley RHUGT

Dorinda went on to clarify the dynamic of her friendship with Jill, saying they're more "acquaintances" than close friends. "[But] we’re not like best of friends,” Dorinda revealed. “I mainly run into her with Ramona.” It's the same sentiments Dorinda drunkenly blurted out during filming RHUGT. She became offended with Jill making mention of their history as friends and seemingly downplayed Jill's involvement with her being cast on the show. With Dorinda enjoying a longer tenure on RHONY than Jill, who openly admitted to wanting to return in a friend role, she seemingly boasted of having one up on the OG housewife.

Dorinda continues to accuse Jill of needing "attention" and seemingly suggested that Jill is shading her to garner press. The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip was Jill and Dorinda's chance to rekindle their friendship. Jill apparently had hopes of building a bond with Dorinda in hopes of getting them both cast back on RHONY. But with a budding feud, that could be what they both need to make a return. Dorinda faced a lot of criticism from viewers who weren't impressed by her behavior on the spinoff. But sometimes controversy is what makes for the best housewife.