How Buckhead Shore Is Different From Other Jersey Shore Franchise Shows

The Jersey Shore franchise is extending again with the arrival of Buckhead Shore, but the new show is a little bit different than past "Shore" shows. MTV announced the series in May, and released a trailer in early June. The series will star JuJu Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Parker Lipman, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott, and DJ Simmons, and it's set at Lake Lanier in Georgia. According to the trailer, Parker has his hands full, as he is seemingly dating both Katie and Savannah, and neither woman takes it well when they find out. There will also be some heavier topics covered on Buckhead Shore, as Adamo struggles with coming out to his housemates.


Upon the announcement of the new show, the Floribama Shore cast wondered when their series would make a comeback. The show hasn't aired a season since December, and fans and the cast haven't gotten any information on the show's fate. According to their social media profiles, all Floribama Shore stars would be happy to return for another season. Luckily, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is still going strong, although the cast members of the first series in the franchise were not so happy to hear about MTV's plans for a new spin-off, Jersey Shore 2.0. The original cast members put out a statement on their social media accounts, claiming the series would exploit their authenticity on the original series.

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Buckhead Shore now joins Jersey Shore and Floribama Shore as the newest addition to the franchise. Despite the similarities between the three shows, there are also some differences that set the new series apart from the first two reality shows. Unlike the other series, Buckhead Shore doesn't actually take place on a shore. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her friends partied it up in 2009 at the shore in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where they often hit the boardwalk at night, and stumbled in late to work at the surf shop. The series then moved down South for Floribama Shore, which is filmed in Panama City Beach and St. Pete Beach, before relocating to various locations due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lake Lanier, the backdrop for Buckhead Shore, doesn't exactly qualify as a shore.

MTV Buckhead Shore Trailer

A more striking difference is that the new cast were not strangers when they moved into the lake house for the show. In past series, cast members blindly entered the house, not knowing who would show up, or if they would get along with their new housemates. Floribama Shore's Nilsa Prowant, and former star Kortni Gilson, were friends upon entering the house, but other than the two stars, all of the other housemates were strangers, like they were on Jersey Shore. Buckhead Shore star Bethania told Distractify, "We're not a bunch of random people thrown into a house, first and foremost. We all have close personal friendships outside of this."

While the overall show theme of 20-somethings living in a house together remains the same, the series definitely has a different twist that none of the other shows had. The pre-existing friendships add a new layer to the franchise, and will certainly add more drama to the show. It's unlikely that any of the cast members will be able to leave the past behind, and the character's history with each other (romantic and platonic) will likely become a plot for Buckhead Shore episodes. Hopefully, the non-shore setting won't turn viewers off from the latest Jersey Shore spin-off. As long as the new cast can bring as much entertainment as the stars of past shows did, they should be fine.