Harry Potter: 10 Wildest Fan Theories About Bellatrix Lestrange, According To Ranker

With the continuation of the Fantastic Beasts series, fans are getting acquainted with an entire slew of new villains in the wizarding world. In the Harry Potter narrative, evildoers like Grindewald, Voldemort, and Bellatrix Lestrange fuel the plot and they unconsciously bring out the best in the protagonists.

The classic villains in the original Harry Potter series are the ones who have gone down in history as the meanest and most despicable, and who continue to fascinate fans. Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort's first lieutenant, created an eerie first impression and grew even more complex throughout the series. Ranker gathered fan theories about the life that led her to the dark arts and why she seemed to go above and beyond with villainy.

Note: Ranker lists are fan-voted, live, and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.


10 Bellatrix Fought During The Battle Of Hogwarts After Giving Birth

There is some confusion among fans as to when Bellatrix gave birth to her daughter Delphini, whose father is Lord Voldemort. She was born within the year leading up to the Battle of Hogwarts, and Quora user Gabriel Bell speculates that nothing, not even her infant daughter, would hold her back from fighting for her master.

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It's known that Tonks also fought right after childbirth, so it's safe to assume that both women were physically able and willing to fight for their cause. Bellatrix remained a loyal Death Eater to her bitter end, giving her life for the needs of Voldemort. As seen in The Cursed Child, Delphini retained her mother's loyalty to the Dark Lord even though she wasn't there to teach it.

9 Harry Has Such A Strong Reaction To Bellatrix Because Of Voldemort's Horcrux Inside Of Him

Close up of Bellatrix after she kills Dobby in Harry Potter

Reddit User WearyWolfy theorizes that the reason Harry often fixates and is so affected by Bellatrix is because of the Horcrux he is hosting. The Horcrux impacts Harry in countless ways as it connects him to Voldemort's memories, thoughts, and desires. It makes sense that the Horcrux would react when Voldemort's most trusted and loyal servant comes into view.

Granted, there's a long list of reasons why Bellatrix is high on Harry's nemesis list, ranging from killing his godfather to torturing Neville's parents and more. But the constant reference of Harry's stomach dropping when he sees her suggests a physical reaction to her presence that the evil in Harry resonates with. This pairs naturally with his growing hatred and disdain for her many cruelties.

8 Bellatrix And Rodolphous Didn't Further The Lestrange Line Because Of Their Dedication To The Dark Lord

Bellatrix Lestrange in Azkaban

The Death Eaters make questionable decisions regularly throughout the series, which fuels the viewers' fascination and fear of dark magic. Bellatrix and her husband's relationship confuses fans to this day, as there seems to be a lack of attraction and affection. Quora user Daniel Elkins theorizes that the reason they never furthered the Lestrange line was because of their devotion to the Dark Lord.

With all the chaos that was needed to start a wizarding war, Bellatrix needed to be available and ready to fulfill each of Voldemort's wishes. Having a child would have limited her abilities and freedoms as a Death Eater, and it's clear that nothing was more important to her than the needs of the Dark Lord.

7 Bellatrix, Narcissa, And Andromeda Are The Fountain Of Fair Fortune Witches

Bellatrix and Narcissa Black

Reddit user Tea-Ory found strong similarities between the Black Sisters and Fountain of Fair Fortune Witches that are in the Tales of Beetle and the Bard. From the qualities of each witch to the outcome and relationship they have with each other by the end, the theory holds water, as there are few coincidences in the wizarding world.

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The tale includes two sisters who naturally have a stronger relationship which would be Narcissa and Bellatrix. Andromeda is likened to the witch who comes to the realization that her lover is cruel, and then she falls in love with the knight. This is a parallel to the time that she realized she didn't share the same beliefs as her family and was cast out because she fell for a muggle.

6 Bellatrix Tortured The Longbottoms For Information About Harry

A still of Bellatrix Lestrange on a tapestry from Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.

There's a long list of treachery that makes up all the worst things Bellatrix did in the Harry Potter series. It is known that she and three other Death Eaters tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom for information after the downfall of Voldemort. The theory from Quora user Grace Tan is that Bellatrix wanted to find Harry since he was the last person to see Voldemort.

As a baby, she could torture Potter and use a spell to see Voldmorts final moments before his supposed death. It's theorized that she went to the Longbottoms because she assumed that Harry would be left with members of the Order of the Phoenix. Tragically, the young family fell victim to the vicious Death Eaters and were never the same again.

5 Bellatrix Wasn't Insane

A terrifying perspective come from Reddit user ConsiderableHat who theorizes that Bellatrix was never insane. The theory states that she is eager to fight and kill when she can, but that she is calculated and firm in her beliefs that she grew up seeing as logical. Her bigotry and willingness to commit crimes are qualities shared among Death Eaters. Bellatrix is simply more theatric and takes things to extremes for her entertainment.

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When people come across a woman like Bellatrix, the first reaction is to justify why she is the way that she is. It's hard to comprehend why somebody would support and actively participate in such evil acts with a sound mind. Fans think that Bellatrix is acting completely within the bounds of her own reality which revolves completely around Voldemort's will and preference.

4 Bellatrix Went Insane To Prove Her Dedication To Voldemort

Throughout the stories, Bellatrix has her fair share of evil quotes that grant her exceptional villain status in the Harry Potter series. Quora user Karuna Chhibber speculated that in order to climb the ranks and gain particular favor from Voldemort, she willingly sacrificed her sanity. Only a severely twisted and chaotic individual would do that, which describes Bellatrix fairly well.

It is assumed that her time in Azkaban furthered her villainy and her mental decline, as she escaped as an even more stalwart and ferocious supporter of Voldemort than before. Bellatrix learned early on that the way to what was left of Voldemort's heart was cruelty and complete submission which she was willing to supply him endlessly.

3 Molly Weasley bested Bellatrix Because She Wasn't Used To Fighting Someone Willing To Kill Her

Mrs Weasley killing Bellatrix in Harry Potter.

There are plenty of brutal deaths in Harry Potter but Bellatrix being bested by Molly Weasley is a fan favorite. The unexpected yet satisfying twist of evil being avenged by the sweetest woman in the series continues to fill fans with pride and support for the matriarch of the Weasleys. Reddit user ArguingPizza theorized that it was Molly's retaliation and zeal in her duel with Bellatrix that caught the woman off guard.

There seemed to be nothing extraordinary about Molly's abilities as a witch, yet she took down one of the most powerful and threatening Death Eaters in the series. This can be attributed to the power of a mother's love and the lack of awareness on Bellatrix's part. Her weakness shone through in her final moments as she taunted Molly and let her curse slip through her defenses with fatal consequence.

2 Bellatrix Didn't Marry Rodolphous For Love

Bellatrix Lestrange

Some fans, like Reddit user 90kandi, are unsettled by the lack of connection that Bellatrix seemed to have with her husband. As a side character who isn't even acknowledged in the films, Rodoplhous seemed to be a means to an end when it came to continuing the pureblood family tree.

It is clear that Bellatrix was deeply in love with Voldemort and openly devotes her life to him. Whether she be most attracted to the power he had, the evil he committed, or the unintentional nose job, Bellatrix never batted an eye when it came to Rodolphous. Fans assume that raving lunatics like her didn't have the capacity to exhibit affection in proper methods.

1 Bellatrix Lestrange Is Eviler Than Voldemort

Bellatrix Lastrange casting a spell in one of the Harry Potter movies.

Reddit User Nyxaus_Motts  once speculated that Bellatrix is eviler than the Dark Lord, himself. This is a bold claim, but in a way, it is supported by many other fans. The theory revolves around the fact that Bellatrix glories in the pain of her opposers, and would undoubtedly resort to torture as the first option.

Voldemort tended to just murder without a second thought, especially when somebody got in his way. Fans discussed the theory and agreed that Bellatrix might be just as evil as Voldemort but in a more sadistic and chaotic way. The Dark Lord was far more calculated and delegated the majority of his evil doings to his most eager followers like Lestrange.

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