Harley Quinn Deserves Wonder Woman's Cosmic Power-Up More Than Diana

While Wonder Woman deservedly became a Star Sapphire for her endless devotion to humanity, Harley Quinn may have proved she was a better fit to wield the Violet Light of Love.

Princess Diana is no doubt a powerful hero, but she got an incredible upgrade during the epic event Blackest Night. As a last-ditch defense effort, the Guardian of the Universe Ganthet activated a hidden protocol to duplicate Lantern rings and temporarily deputize new members. Power Rings belonging to the seven corps of the Emotional Spectrum sought out Earth-based recruits in the immediate vicinity, with the Star Sapphires recruiting Wonder Woman. Though her induction into the love-powered corps wasn't permanent, Diana was one of the most obvious choices due to her reputation as one of the most caring beings in the DC Universe.


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But Wonder Woman might have some stiff competition next time a Star Sapphire ring becomes available. In Harley Quinn #22 by Karl Kesel and Brandon Badeaux, the eponymous hero is hightailing it out of Hell along with her trusted henchmen. They’ve defied the impossible and have made it past the underworld’s army of guards and defenses, including the fabled three-headed dog Cerberus. But before Harley Quinn can escape Hell, she’s caught by the worst bounty hunter in the afterlife, Highwater. However, Harley isn't the only target Highwater is after, and he demands that she tell him anything she knows about a man named Nathaniel Drumm. Harley questions what Drumm could have possibly done to incur the wrath Highwater wants to bring him, only to discover the hunter blames Drumm for "deflowering" and "corrupting" Highwater's son. Harley is aghast at the revelation and calls out Highwater's backwards thinking, telling him that neither Drumm or Highwater's son are in Hell because love is not a sin.

Harley Quinn Defends Love DC Comics

It's clear that Harley Quinn's love for love is so deep that she's willing to send herself back to eternal damnation over it, even over a love that doesn't personally involve her. Wonder Woman might fight in the name of love but rarely has she made such a huge sacrifice over the same principle. While it's hard to actually measure who has a deeper fondness for the abstract concept of love, there's a decent argument to be made that Harley would make for a terrific Star Sapphire if given the chance.

Wonder Woman was given a Power Ring out of necessity but was never actively recruited by the leaders of the Star Sapphires. In fact, under the usual methods, there’s a chance Diana never would have been recruited at all. The Sapphires seek out soldiers who are dedicated to the concept of love and only love. While Wonder Woman certainly embraces the emotion, she’s practical enough to realize that life can’t be just about love. For Harley, though, that’s exactly what life is. It’s her most uncompromising principle and something she’s willing to die over. If a violet Power Ring ever makes its way to Earth again, Harley Quinn better hustle to make sure she gets it over Wonder Woman.