Here's every horror movie Gerard Butler had appeared in, ranked worst to best. Before turning to acting, Butler had designs on becoming a lawyer but soon realized that wasn't where his passions lay. He instead decided to pursue acting, and in the late '90s won small roles in the likes of Bond adventure Tomorrow Never Dies and One More Kiss. Following a move to Los Angeles, his career prospects shot up quickly when he was cast in the titular role of Dracula 2000, followed by major supporting parts in blockbusters like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life and Reign Of Fire with Christian Bale.


Of course, his star-making role was King Leonidas in Zack Snyder's comic book epic 300. Butler's proved perfect casting for the flamboyant action hero, and he followed up with more hits like Law Abiding Citizen - which has a great twist ending - and RocknRolla. Butler has become somewhat typecast in the action genre in recent years, thanks to the success of his Has Fallen franchise or Den Of Thieves.

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He also received great reviews for his work in disaster movie Greenland in 2020. There aren't many Gerard Butler horror movies to go around, but at least they're all unique in their own way.

3. Dracula 2000

dracula 2000 gerard butler resurrection

There is no more "2000s" a horror movie than Dracula 2000, which will be a concentrated dose of nostalgia for some and badly-dated torture for others. The movie was one of Butler's first big breaks, but while he is never less than charismatic, there's zero menace to his take on the character. In fact, despite being labeled horror there's little suspense or scares to be found in Dracula 2000. It does boost a strong supporting cast - including Christopher Plummer as Van Helsing, Star Trek: Picard's Jeri Ryan and Jonny Lee Miller - plus a genuinely intriguing backstory for Dracula himself, but despite some inventive ideas, it's let down by hokey dialogue, flashy editing and a bizarre lack of energy.

2. Tales Of The Mummy (1998)

tales of the mummy 1998

Director Russell Mulcahy is behind such gems as Razorback and Highlander, but he's helmed some real duds too. Sadly, Tales Of The Mummy is one of those, but it's not utterly devoid of merit. It boasts another strong cast, including Jason Scott Lee, Sean Pertwee and Christopher Lee, with the movie marking one of Butler's earliest screen roles as an ill-fated archeologist. Tales Of The Mummy has a strong opening sequence too, but once it moves to London, it becomes a gloomy, dull mix of detective story and monster movie. While the opening is worth seeing, the rest is purely for Mummy movie completionists.

1. Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter (2009)

Tales-of-the-Black-Freighter gerard butler

The most unique entry in Gerard Butler's horror movies ranking is Tales Of The Black Freighter, an animated spin-off of Snyder's Watchmen movie. It was originally scripted as a live-action segment designed to go in the movie itself, but as this was prohibitively expensive it was adapted as a short anime movie instead. This 25-minute film sees Butler voice a shipwrecked captain who stitches together a liferaft comprised of the bodies of his crew, and the story charts his descent into madness as he chases the titular pirate vessel. Tales Of The Black Freighter is a gory, bleak tale with a great vocal turn by Butler, and while it's ultimately a metaphor for Watchmen's story, it's a worthy standalone outing in itself.