FF7 Ever Crisis Will Feature Young Sephiroth & His Origin Story

The upcoming Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis will include a never-before-seen younger version of Sephiroth, revealing his origin story, which will take place during the FF7: The First Soldier era. Ever Crisis is an upcoming mobile title that will retell the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, including FF7, Crisis Core, and will include the first English translation of Before Crisisa.

Ever Crisis will feature content from The First Soldier, which is an ongoing battle royale title for smart devices. The First Soldier is set around thirty years before FF7 and it technically shows the formation of the SOLDIER unit, but the game itself is light on story. This is a shame, as little is known about the history of FF7 between Jenova's defeat and the rise of the Shinra Electric Power Company, so there is a lot of room for the story to be fleshed out. The First Soldier will be part of Ever Crisis and it will flesh out the earliest point in the FF7 timeline, predating Crisis Core and Before Crisis.


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A new trailer for Ever Crisis was revealed alongside its September launch date during the FF7 25th anniversary celebration livestream. The trailer also featured a mysterious young person, who was heavily implied to be Sephiroth. Ever Crisis Director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed in an interview with Famitsu that the character is indeed a young version of Sephiroth and that he will have his own story in The First Soldier portion of the game. This means that fans will see a brand new chapter of Sephiroth's life before the events of Final Fantasy 7. Even more surprisingly, they'll get to see him in a brand new outfit.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Sephiroth Cover

Based on the trailer, it seems that young Sephiroth will be shown fighting in a war and possibly committing a similar act to the Nibelheim Incident. It's said that Sephiroth first became a hero during the Wutai War, so The First Soldier section of Ever Crisis will likely show his actions during the conflict. The FF7: Ever Crisis trailer also brings attention to the fact that he's using a different sword, as the hilt appears to be based on the Shinra logo. Ever Crisis could reveal how Sephiroth first acquired the Masamune, either as a gift from the Shinra higher-ups, or taken from a fallen foe.

The First Soldier section of Ever Crisis has suddenly become the most interesting part of the game, as it will feature brand new story content for one of the most popular characters in the Final Fantasy series. A story section about Sephiroth pulling a similar event to the Nibelheim Incident during the Wutai War and having it covered up by the Shinra Electric Power Company is something that would fit in with the established setting. Fans know almost nothing about Sephiroth's childhood or teenage years, and it will be exciting to see what Ever Crisis does with one of Final Fantasy's most interesting villains.