Everything We Know About Garcelle Beauvais' Encounter With Bill Cosby

In the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Garcelle Beauvais revealed she had an encounter with actor Bill Cosby that was “really scary,” and fans are curious to know what had transpired. Garcelle was already a well-known actress when she joined RHOBH in season 10. Fans knew Garcelle from The Jamie Foxx Show and the popular 1980s movie, Coming To America. As a Haitian-American, Garcelle made history as the first Black woman to star in RHOBH and often spoke about her humble upbringing with her mother and six siblings.

Garcelle recently launched her memoir, Love Me As I Am, which details her life as a child growing up in Haiti and then moving to Boston after her parents got divorced. As a teenager, Garcelle moved to New York City to break into the modeling world and eventually settled in Los Angeles to become an actress. After joining RHOBH to star alongside her longtime friend and fellow actress, Denise Richards, Garcelle’s popularity skyrocketed, and was invited to co-host the hit daytime talk show, The Real.


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Garcelle touched upon Love Me As I Am in RHOBH’s latest episode and shared that there were stories in the book that she had never discussed with anyone. One haunting memory was an incident she experienced with Bill Cosby as a young woman. Although Garcelle didn’t elaborate more in RHOBH, she spilled the details to Andy Cohen on his radio show, Andy Radio. As reported by Daily Mail, Garcelle revealed Bill had called her and said she would be great for his show, The Cosby Show. Garcelle agreed to meet him at his house to discuss her career and was offered a drink by the actor. After taking a sip, she recalled: “not feeling great.”

A split image of Garcelle Beauvais modeling

Thankfully, RHOBH star Garcelle, who's saving the show, listened to her gut and hightailed it out of the disgraced actor's home. She revealed, “I literally got up, and I ran out of there, and I got into a cab, and I went to my apartment, and I was freaked out.” Garcelle admitted to not reporting the incident at the time because she was afraid of appearing opportunistic in order to further her career. When allegations against Bill came out, Garcelle didn’t speak up because she didn’t have any concrete evidence and didn’t want to seem like she was “jumping on the bandwagon.”

Garcelle is finally opening up and using her platform to warn others about listening to their instincts. The Love Me As I Am author also shared how she learned to put herself first to become a better mother to her children, Oliver Saunders, Jax Nilon, and Jaid Nilon. RHOBH star Erika Jayne faced backlash recently when she drunkenly cursed at Jax during Garcelle’s birthday party. Garcelle was commended for how she gracefully handled the situation while putting her foot down with Erika. Since her debut on RHOBH, Garcelle has maintained her status as a fan favorite.