Every Song In Sing 2 Ranked Worst To Best

Here is a complete ranking of every song in Sing 2, from worst to best. Like its predecessor, Sing 2 is packed with musical numbers from a variety of genres, all performed by a misfit group of animals. From Aretha Franklin classics to Ariana Grande hits, there's sure to be a song for all musical tastes. It's hard to rank the excellent songs of Sing 2 with such an incredible cast of talent behind them, but there are some songs on the Sing 2 soundtrack that definitively stand out above the rest.

After the success of their talent show in Sing, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) and his crew of performers—Johnny (Taron Egerton), Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), Meena (Tori Kelly), Ash (Scarlett Johansson), Gunter (Nick Kroll), and more—are moving on to the big leagues. When Buster lies to the hotheaded entertainment mogul Mr. Crystal (Bobby Cannavale) about the great, reclusive Clay Calloway (Bono) signing on to their show, the crew ends up in hot water as they attempt to score the high-profile artist to turn their lies into reality.


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Plenty of new voices have lent their talents to Sing 2 alongside the original cast of characters. Bono, Halsey, Eric Andre, Letitia Wright, and Pharrell Williams have all joined the cast, playing a wide variety of colorful new characters. These new voices have made the soundtrack and film that much more enriching, contributing to the heartwarming friendships that have made Sing and Sing 2 the truly beautiful movies that they are. The greatest part of each song in Sing 2 is the amount of heart that is obvious in each note.

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

Clay Calloway looking at his guitar in Sing 2.

Compared to the colorful, fast-paced, exciting musical numbers throughout the rest of the movie, "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" might feel a little lackluster. However, the song holds incredible emotional meaning. Clay Calloway, played by a soulful Bono from the band U2, has been a recluse for the last 15 years, as the loss of his muse and wife, Ruby, took the beauty of music away from him. As Ash sits on his porch and plays his own music to a soulful acoustic melody, the power of Clay's love and grief on the porch beside her is palpable.

Heads Will Roll

Ash singing and playing the guitar on top of an amplifier in Sing 2.

"Heads Will Roll" is only a brief scene in the scale of the film, but it gives audiences insight into what Ash has been up to since the first movie. Seeing Ash belting out this Yeah Yeah Yeahs hit to an adoring crowd proves that she is still steadfast in her identity as a fun, powerful rocker, remaining true to herself and her identity. Despite her success, "Heads Will Roll" proves that Ash hasn't changed a bit.

Let's Go Crazy

Sing 2

Sing 2's opening scene is an ensemble performance of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." Set to a backdrop of wildly colorful Alice in Wonderland-inspired costumes, this fun number was the perfect song to start the movie off. Audiences get to see their beloved characters from the first Sing film in their true element, performing for a packed crowd in their restored theater. "Let's Go Crazy" also shows just how perfectly this group works as an ensemble, and that many of them have stuck together through the time between films.

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I Say A Little Prayer

Meena and Alfonso sing "I Say A Little Prayer" in Sing 2.

Meena has come a long way since the first Sing in terms of her confidence. While she's (mostly) gotten over her stage fright, "I Say a Little Prayer" gives audiences a little insight into how she gets by. Instead of singing along with her duet partner, Darius (voiced by Eric Andre), Meena imagines the cute ice cream vendor from across the street, Alfonso (Pharell Williams), performing alongside her. The Aretha Franklin number is a fun addition to the movie, and seeing Meena gain the confidence to say hello to her crush once the song has concluded is truly heartwarming.

Where The Streets Have No Name

Sing 2

Though the scene may be brief, "Where The Streets Have No Name" gave audiences the rare chance to hear a large portion of the cast singing in a beautifully orchestrated harmony. The song prioritizes the vocals, allowing the true talent of this cast to really shine in just a few brief moments. Though the classic U2 song doesn't land the group the show the way they expected, their vocals were impressive enough to make the short scene truly memorable.

There's Nothing Holding Me Back

Johnny singing "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" while Nooshy watches.

"There's Nothing Holding Me Back" isn't as flashy as some of the crew's performances, but the song is just as fun. The upbeat tempo catches the attention of the patrons around them as Johnny breaks into song in the middle of a diner, and the fact that the radio he's singing along to is quiet in the background allows Egerton's vocals to really shine on their own through the chorus of this Shawn Mendes song. The lyrics are also quite fitting to Johnny's character, as he's a young man filled with talent, potential, and a desire to chase his dreams with no restraint.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Sing 2 Bono Clay Calloway Scarlett Johansson Ash

While "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" may not be as upbeat or fun as some of the other top-ranking songs, the emotion the song carries is palpable. As Clay Calloway's return to musical performance, the moment is about much more than just the song itself. Hearing the entire arena sing the lyrics of his song back at him confirms that Clay's fans haven't forgotten about him in his absence and that music can have meaning again after the loss of his wife. Scarlett Johansson's performance as Ash in her soulful solo introduction is also one that isn't to be forgotten.

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Break Free

Rosita and Gunter sing "Break Free" in Sing 2.

"Break Free" is a testament to everything Rosita's character stands for. While Rosita is too afraid to jump off of the ledge toward the beginning of the movie, she doesn't hesitate to take the leap when someone she cares about needs her. Rosita's entire character arc has been about breaking through — breaking through the weight of expectations, her insecurities, and her fears, all to achieve her dream of being a performer. After watching Rosita struggle with her performance throughout Sing 2, seeing her pull off the Ariana Grande song so confidently is truly rewarding for the audience.

A Sky Full Of Stars

Johnny stands up for himself in Sing 2.

"A Sky Full of Stars" receives a standing ovation in Sing 2, and for good reason. On top of Egerton's strong vocals, the song is a perfect representation of Johnny's character throughout both films. Johnny's journey has been all about learning to do things his own way. When choreographer Klaus Kickenklober pushes and degrades him, he doesn't give up; he works himself to the bone with Nooshy to learn his own choreography, and easily holds his own when Klaus challenges him on stage. The Coldplay song's fast pace, combat-like choreography, and echoing war drums all make "A Sky Full of Stars" stand out from the rest of the songs in Sing 2.

Could Have Been Me

Porsha sings It Could Have Been Me on a tower of tarsiers as balloons and fireworks surround them.

"Could Have Been Me" is one of the musical crown jewels of Sing 2. The song is the culmination of Porsha's bid for independence from her overbearing father. Disobeying Mr. Crystal to join Buster Moon and the crew to put on their show was the first time Porsha stood on her own two feet, growing from the spoiled brat she was at the beginning of the movie into a strong woman of her own right. Combining an army of tap-dancing tarsiers as Porsha's backup singers (and light fixtures) with Halsey's emotional vocals easily lands "Could Have Been Me" as the best song of Sing 2.