Elden Ring Mods Turn Rennala Fight Into Chaotic Kingdom Hearts Battle

A new video showcases an Elden Ring modder's strangest creation yet, using Kingdom Hearts and cursed memes to dramatically alter one of the game's most iconic boss battles. The open-world RPG not only proved to be a huge hit for fans, but it was also a powerhouse in sales. Although the game has yet to release any extra content for fans to sink their teeth into, modders have been improving and transforming the game in entertaining ways.

Like other games from the developer FromSoftware, Elden Ring can be very tough, especially for players who have never tried a Soulsborne game. This is why mods like Elden Ring's seamless co-op mod have been so welcome. Thanks to that mod and others, PC gamers who have avoided soulslike games because of their difficulty can now enjoy the exciting world and epic boss battles in a less stressful environment. While some mods have made the game easier for new players, other mods have drastically altered Elden Ring with some hilarious results.


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Soulsborne modder Garden of Eyes is at it again, this time releasing a video demonstrating Elden Ring mods with Kingdom Heart's own Sora battling the most intimidating version of Aladdin's Genie ever seen. Posted today on Garden of Eyes' YouTube channel, the prominent modder acknowledges the mods' weirdness by calling the video "The Most CURSED Elden Ring Mod Ever...". While character reskins have become commonplace in Elden Ring mods, the video takes things further by showcasing both stages of the iconic Rennala battle. The video can be seen below, featuring Sora's epic battle against the Genie and his many summonable memes like Peppa Pig, Ugandan Knuckles, and more.

These Elden Ring Mods May Have Gone Too Far

It didn't take long after Elden Ring's launch for modders to create some hilarious and horrific content. Mods created by Garden of Eyes have helped add many popular characters like Berserk's Guts and Marvel's Scarlet Witch into the game as fully playable characters. They even set out to see which Elden Ring boss was strongest in a boss battle free-for-all mod with a winner that might surprise viewers.

Although it may still be a long wait until Elden Ring DLC arrives, developer FromSoftware has teased that a new game may be released very soon. Rumors have indicated that the famous developer's next game might be a new Armored Core title with souls-like gameplay. While it would be exciting to see what the developer does with a modern sci-fi title, Elden Ring has successfully gained millions of new fans for the developer. And it seems like modders are continuing to create new reasons for fans to keep playing it.