Dragon Ball’s Weakest Fighter is Stronger than One Founding Avenger

It is no secret that the fighters of Dragon Ball are, as a whole, way stronger than most of the Avengers as some of the Z Fighters, including Goku and Vegeta, wield the very power of the gods. However, there are a few Dragon Ball fighters who are basically just regular people, including the physically weakest ones–though even one has an ability that is stronger than one of the founding Avengers.

The Avengers first came together as a team in Avengers #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in which Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, and the Hulk teamed up against the villainous Loki who was trying to take over the world. After that first battle, the Avengers were officially formed, and while the roster would change plenty of times throughout the course of Marvel Comics history, those founding members would always be remembered as the first and most iconic members of the Avengers.


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In Dragon Ball Chapter 69 by Akira Toriyama, Goku is searching for Bulma as he accidentally broke her Dragon Radar and needed her to fix it so that he could continue on his Dragon Ball-searching quest. When Goku arrives at Bulma’s house, Bulma is thrilled to see him and quickly fixes the Dragon Radar with the one condition of her service being that she join him on his search. However, Goku explains that Bulma can’t join him as he is riding the Flying Nimbus which only allows those with a pure heart to ride it, and Bulma’s heart–while not villainous–is certainly impure. While this problem initially seems unfixable, Bulma tells Goku that she can just stay in his pocket while he flies on the mystical cloud because she has a device that can shrink her down to the size of a mouse with the press of a button.

Dragon Ball's weakest fighter is still better than one Avenger.

Bulma wears her shrinking device on her wrist as a discreet bracelet that doesn’t require her to wear a full suit in order to take effect. Basically, because of the easy-to-use functionality and the covert nature of her shrinking ability, Bulma’s ‘power’ in this chapter is superior to that of the founding Avenger, Ant-Man. Hank Pym needs to wear a cumbersome suit in order to use his powers, whereas Bulma can shrink on the fly as she never has to take off the shrinking bracelet, giving her a power that is much more tactically advantageous than that of Ant-Man. Therefore, Bulma's version is much stronger.

While Bulma’s shrinking ability is easily better than Ant-Man’s as she always has the capability to shrink at any time without the need to suit up, her device is not as versatile as Hank’s Pym Particles. Not only can Pym shrink, but the particles also allow him to grow into a giant, plus they can even be harnessed within a variety of weapons that can be incredibly useful in battle, including a gun that had the power to shrink the cosmic being Galactus. However, in regard to the pure functionality of shrinking with both discretion and ease, Dragon Ball’s Bulma easily has a better version of this founding Avenger’s power.