Doctor Who: Russell T Davies Responds To Ryan Gosling Cameo Speculation

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has responded to ongoing rumors that Hollywood star Ryan Gosling could make an appearance on the show. Davies is returning to the iconic UK sci-fi series after previously rebooting the BBC series in 2005. The Welsh writer has since brought landmark dramas to the screen including Years and Years and the most recent groundbreaking miniseries Its A Sin. Doctor Who, which has been running for almost 60 years, constantly changes its lead star and creative team, with Davies returning in 2023 to introduce 14th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa.

In recent weeks Gatwa has preceded his Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS with a trip to Toyland. The rising actor is part of the star-studded cast of Greta Gerwig’s much anticipated Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. Playing one of a number of Kens, Gatwa’s peers include The Grey Man’s Ryan Gosling. Gosling recently caused waves online when he was spotted on the set of Barbie wearing a custom-made t-shirt of Gatwa as the new Doctor in Doctor Who, with it soon emerging that the actor is a huge fan of the British show.


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Speaking to BBC’s The One Show, Davies has finally reacted to the viral discussion around Gosling and Doctor Who. When asked directly by host Jemaine Jenas, the showrunner responds “If Ryan Gosling was in Doctor Who I wouldn’t be sitting here,”, adding further that he’d be in Cardiff with the actor “having a drink." Davies is no stranger to fan speculation and rumor but has always remained tight-lipped and secretive about cameos and comebacks. Check out the moment below:

Let me tell you… if Ryan Gosling is in Doctor Who, I wouldn’t be sitting here. I’d be in Cardiff with my good mate Ryan having a drink.

Doctor Who Russell T Davies Reacts To Ryan Goslings Ncuti Gatwa Shirt

Davies’ new run on Doctor Who has been filming around the UK in recent weeks, with fan hype at a new high following recent reveals that fan-favorites David Tennant and Catherine Tate would return following their previous partnership in Davies' final season in 2008. Tennant’s Doctor will face Neil Patrick Harris as a new, secretive villain. As Gosling would, Harris brings an air of movie star to the humble British TV show.

While its clear that there has been no time for Gosling to film an appearance for Doctor Who yet, Davies is very clearly fond of the actor and open to bringing as many big names to the show as possible. As Doctor Who looks to reclaim its former glory as one of the biggest shows on TV, any celebrity cameo would likely be welcome. Whether the La La Land star ever gets to travel in the TARDIS remains to be seen. Doctor Who meanwhile, continues shooting on the upcoming specials.