Disgaea 6 Complete: Mystery Rooms Guide (Where to Find Them & How They Work)

The Item World in Disgaea 6 Complete contains Mystery Rooms that players can access for a variety of possible outcomes. There are different shops to access or fights to complete after passing through a Mystery Gate, and players may even obtain a Unique Innocent from one of these rooms. To find a Mystery Room, players will need to choose an item and enter the Item World from the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld.

The Item World will be unlocked during Chapter Two of the main story, and it allows players to complete randomized dungeons by going inside a selected item. Better items have stronger enemies, and opponents also get harder on higher floors. Items can be exited after defeating an Item Boss, which will appear every 10 floors. The only other way to leave the Item World is to use a Gency Exit, and they can be found in certain Mystery Rooms or gained by defeating Item Bosses. The Item World is located next to the Juice Bar in Disgaea 6 Complete.


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Unfortunately, Mystery Gates appear randomly while clearing floors in Disgaea 6 Complete's Item World. If a Mystery Room is available, players will see the glowing gate on the ground as soon as they spawn on a new floor. The enemies on the floor with the Mystery Gate don't need to be defeated before entering, so players just need to have one of their characters move to the gate to go inside the Mystery Room.

Every Type Of Item World Mystery Room In Disgaea 6 Complete

Disgaea 6 Complete Mystery Rooms Guide Where to Find Them & How They Work Mystery Gate

There are 12 different Mystery Rooms that players can encounter in the Item World. Most of the Mystery Rooms will have either a group of enemies to fight or shops with specific items. For every type of shop that can be found in a Mystery Room, players will only have one chance to access them. Once a Mystery Room shop menu in Disgaea 6 Complete is closed, it can't be accessed again. In Mystery Rooms where fights can occur, players will need to speak to one or more NPCs to trigger the fight. There's no way to guarantee which Mystery Room will appear, so they shouldn't be used as a primary method of farming. However, players should always go through a Mystery Gate when given the opportunity to check what type of room they'll get.

  • Asagi Fan Club: There are five Asagi Fan Club members in this Mystery Room, and players can choose from three responses after speaking to the leader. Choosing, “Hell Yeah!” will earn players an item. Picking, “Uh… who the hell is Asagi?” forces players to leave immediately, and choosing, “You kidding!? I’m her No. 1 fan!” will start a fight with the Asagi Fan Club members.
  • Bank Room: In the Bank Mystery Room, players can speak to the Bank Clerk to randomly earn 5,000 or more HL. However, players also risk the Bank Clerk getting mad and summoning a group of powerful enemies that can be difficult to defeat.
  • Board Room: In the Board Mystery Room, players can speak to the separated Lucky Board several times until a fight begins. All the Lucky Boards in the room will need to be defeated, and they will only take damage if it’s fatal.
  • Chest Room: In this room, players will see about 15 chests, including some in the corners of the room and one that's usually hidden on top of the golden statue.
  • Clone Room: In this Mystery Room, players can fight five Prinnies and a Psychic class character. The fight starts after players speak to the Psychic character twice.
  • Duel Shop: The Duel Mystery Room has one enemy that must be defeated in a one-on-one fight. Players can choose their fighter, otherwise, the top character on the list will be used if auto-battle is turned on.
  • Gatekeeper Remover: This Mystery Room has bookshelves, tables, and a bar with an NPC behind it. Speaking to the Gatekeeper Remover will allow players to bribe Gatekeepers so they don’t block the floors ahead. The options range from five floors for 50,000 HL to 50 floors for 10,000,000 HL.
  • Gym Room: The Gym Mystery Room has punching bags and several NPCs, including a Princess Knight in the center of the room. Speaking to the Princess Knight a few times will initiate a fight in Disgaea 6 Complete.
  • Hot Pot Master: In this Mystery Room, players can speak to the faction leaders and choose to side with either the Pincer Shells or Evil Eyes. After choosing a faction, players will need to defeat the opposing side to complete the room.
  • Item Worlder Shop: The Item Worlder NPC will be in this Mystery Room, and players will have one chance to access the shop. There are Item World resources available to purchase in this shop, including Gency Exits. As soon as the shop menu is closed, there’s no way to access it again without finding a different Item Worlder Shop Mystery Room.
  • Shopping Mall: Similar to the Item Worlder, the shops available in this Mystery Room can only be accessed once. There’s a Peddler shop stocked with random items and a Black Marketeer that sells bribe items to use in the Dark Assembly in Disgaea 6 Complete.
  • Towertop: This Mystery Room has a tower with a Prinny at the top. Players will need to jump to the top to reach the Prinny, then speak to it to unlock a Unique Innocent for the item that players are currently inside of. It doesn’t matter which of the three options are chosen when speaking to the Prinny, because picking any of the boxes will unlock a Unique Innocent.

The Towertop Mystery Room is the best one for players to find because it's the easiest way to get a Unique Innocent. However, it's more likely players will find a shop or enter a combat encounter by going through a Mystery Gate in the Item World. The possible Mystery Rooms are the same regardless of which item players are inside, so the gates always have a chance of being found while progressing in the Item World. Finding a Mystery Room is just one of the ways for players to earn rewards in the Item World in Disgaea 6 Complete.