Disgaea 6 Complete: Juice Bar Guide (Statuses, Boosts, & Drinks)

The Juice Bar can help with increasing character stats in Disgaea 6 Complete, but more powerful beverages will cost a lot of resources and HL to create. The Juice Bar has three types of drinks, which include Status, Class Proficiency, and Weapon Mastery. Each type of beverage will have a different cost depending on how much each stat is being increased. Along with HL, drinks created at the Juice Bar will also cost stored Mana, Extracts, and EXP.

The Juice Bar is located in the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld and can be accessed to increase each hero's stats using resources gained in combat encounters. The Juice Bar in Disgaea 6 Complete is up the stairs and next to the Item World at the end of the red carpet. Although there are three types of beverages, the Status category is likely going to be used more than Class Proficiency or Weapon Mastery drinks. The cost of creating a drink is determined by how powerful it is.


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The Juice Bar's menu in Disgaea 6 Complete shows the different categories in the top left portion and the HL cost in the top right part of the screen. Below the HL cost, the stored resources and cost for the crafted drink will be displayed. The other portion of the menu shows the player's current stats and the effect the drink will have in enhancing them. Every drink requires HL, but the stored resource being used will depend on the category and which stats are being affected.

Every Drink Category & Effect For The Juice Bar In Disgaea 6 Complete

Disgaea 6 Complete Juice Bar Guide Statuses Boosts & Drinks Juice Bar Menu

Status drinks allow players to increase their EXP, Mana, and stats, including attack, defense, or health. Stored Mana, EXP, and Extracts will be used with HL to create the drinks, which have the potential to max out a level one character instantly. Maxing out a character using the Juice Bar in Disgaea 6 Complete will make it easier to take advantage of Super Reincarnation. The Super Reincarnation feature resets a character back to level one but with higher base stats. Using the Status section of the Juice Bar in tandem with Super Reincarnation will lead to building extremely powerful characters.

The second category in the Juice Bar menu is Class Proficiency, which allows players to spend HL and stored EXP for a variety of functions. One of the main reasons for creating a Class Proficiency drink is to quickly unlock Disgaea 6 Complete's class Evilities with no other requirements. Class Proficiency drinks can also allow players to easily increase specific stats required for quests without grinding.

The Juice Bar's final category is Weapon Mastery, and, like Class Proficiency, these upgrades use stored EXP. Increasing Weapon Mastery will enhance the bonuses granted for using a specific type of weapon. While using the Juice Bar, players can determine how much of an increase they want to apply depending on what they're willing to spend. Drinks can be given to any character in a player's party. As long as players have enough resources, there's no limit to how many beverages can be created at the Juice Bar in Disgaea 6 Complete.