DC Introduces A Surprise Classic Villain In Black Adam DCEU Canon

Warning! Spoilers for Black Adam - The Justice Society Secret Files: Hawkman #1 by DC Comics

A surprise classic DC Comics villain just became DCEU canon in the latest Black Adam tie-in starring Hawkman. In Black Adam - The Justice Society Secret Files: Hawkman #1, Hawkman's adventures lead him into a tragic conflict with a man named James Craddock. While the name might not sound familiar to some, the character is the original identity of the classic supervillain Gentleman Ghost, who makes his DCEU debut in the story.

Dwayne Johnson will play Black Adam in his upcoming self-titled DCEU film, as the antihero, and the Justice Society of America are set to fight against the half-demon Sabbac. In promotion of the film, DC Comics is releasing four one-shots tie-ins, which will serve as introductions to different members of the JSA, including Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher, as well as the character Adrianna Tomaz. In addition, the canon comics will introduce several new faces to the DCEU, including Gentleman Ghost, a classic supervillain who debuted more than 70 years ago and has repeatedly sparred with Carter Hall.


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In  Black Adam - The Justice Society Secret Files: Hawkman #1 by Cavan Scott, Norm Rapund, Scot Eaton, Andrew Dalhouse, and Rob Leigh from DC Comics, Carter Hall is at a museum during a robbery, as a man named James Craddock unleashes a gas attack while stealing a thousands-year-old relic made of Eternium (shaped like Shazam's logo). However, after trying to escape and dying in a fiery explosion being chased by Hawkman, Craddock is resurrected by an entity looking to kill the hero. When he emerges, Craddock refers to himself as Gentleman Ghost.

Hawkman Black Adam DC Comics

Gentleman Ghost, who becomes DCEU and Black Adam canon due to the appearance, tries to take down Hawkman, using his ghost powers to trap him inside an exhibit as he toys with reality. However, the hero finds Doctor Fate similarly trapped. After being told the past is gone, and the future is lost by the magical hero, Carter Hall finds the strength to break free and stop Gentleman Ghost by stabbing him with the Eternium relic. The villain fades into the darkness, warning of a more significant threat soon arriving.

In the end, the tie-in comic offers Hawkman a fun, dark adventure. The story also shows the JSA existed in the DCEU universe before reforming in the upcoming film and aims to fill in gaps by explaining where they've been. Gentleman Ghost might have a storied history tied to Hawkman, but it's still surprising to see the villain become canon outside of the film itself. Regardless, it's great to see DC Comics and the DCEU working together to build a universe ahead of Black AdamBlack Adam - The Justice Society Secret Files: Hawkman #1 by DC Comics is in comic book stores now.