DC Films Head Almost Left WB Over Batgirl Cancellation

Walter Hamada, who is the current head of DC Films, almost left Warner Bros. due to the Batgirl cancellation and may still be on his way out from the studio. Since the merger was completed for Warner Bros. Discovery, there have been a lot of shake-ups going on behind the scenes. Similar to when AT&T acquired Warner Bros., hundreds of people have been laid off, and many divisions had massive restructuring, which is now happening again with the new version of the company.

However, one move that no one saw coming from Warner Bros. Discovery was the decision to cancel the Batgirl movie suddenly. Starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, Batgirl was set to be an HBO Max original that had finished filming in late March. Despite being in post-production stages, with a supposed release for late 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to scrap the film due to financial concerns, not fitting in with their overall strategy, and reported negative test screenings. However, this cancellation seems to have also almost caused a shake-up with DC Films head Walter Hamada.


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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walter Hamada, who has been leading DC Films since January 2018, almost quit working for Warner Bros. Discovery due to the Batgirl axing. While Hamada is remaining with DC Films, the trade reports that it may not be for much longer, stating that he has allegedly decided to stay until the release of Black Adam in late October. A source said, "He’s pausing. The decision has not been made to make this adversarial, yet.” Hamada is now consulting with counsel, as he wasn't consulted by the studio in regards to Batgirl.

Leslie Grace's Batgirl and Comics Batgirl.

Hamada nor his representatives have thus far made any comment on the story, but that could change in hours or days to come. Since the cancellation of Batgirl, Grace herself has responded to the shocking news, as have the directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. With the potential of Hamada exiting DC Films altogether, this does tie it back to the Justice League situation and the problematic experience that was made on set. Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has accused Hamada of having interfered and "undermine the very real issues" with the Justice League investigations, which led to the actor no longer wanting to work with Warner Bros. if the latter is associated.

Given that the source in the original report is stating that Hamada is, as of right now, not choosing to make this adversarial, time will tell if that changes or not. Should it change, due to Warner Bros. Discovery's decision to cancel Batgirl, it will be part of additional PR heat for the newly merged company. The bomb sent waves through Hollywood as it's very rare for a movie that has already been filmed to out of the sudden be pulled back. It's always possible that any coming battle between Warner Bros. Discovery and Hamada just led to some kind of settlement, and they part ways with one another. If DC Films is about to lose its head following the Batgirl cancellation, it will be intriguing to see who takes Hamada's place.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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