Cat Investigation Game Nine Noir Lives Gets Release Date [EXCLUSIVE]

A brand-new trailer for Nine Noir Lives reveals the indie point-and-click adventure game's fast-approaching release date. The upcoming title promises to blend elements of mystery, puzzle-solving, crime noir and comedy to bring a truly unique feline fantasy to life. Point-and-click mystery games like Loco Motive have become a prominent part of the indie game market, and Silvernode Games will sink its claws into the genre with Nine Noir Lives.

Nine Noir Lives looks to borrow heavily from classic point-and-click adventure games like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. While these games generally lack in-depth combat systems, they make up for it through interesting world-building and clever narratives. Point-and-click games also have simple controls, meaning that any gamer can pick one up and play it immediately. Over the years the genre has evolved substantially, with titles like Life is Strange and Telltale's The Walking Dead introducing new mechanics and themes to keep the point-and-click genre fresh and original. Point-and-click adventure games are not always the most intense experiences, but they can be very intriguing thanks to clever writing and art design.


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Screen Rant can exclusively reveal the September 7, 2022 release date for Nine Noir Lives alongside an announcement trailer posted to YouTube by Silvernode Games. The "point-and-lick" detective game puts players in the furry shoes of feline detective Cuddles Nutterbutter as they investigate a string of murders. The game will let players interact with a huge pawful of furry characters and explore the seedy underbelly of Meow Meow Furringtonis across 80 gorgeous hand-drawn screens. The script leans heavily into puns, with the rival Montameeuw and Catulet crime families being a prime example. Fans of both felines and femme fatales will be able to experience Nine Noir Lives when it comes to PC on September 7, 2022.

The history of point-and-click adventure games is long, but developers like Silvernode Games can find ways to innovate within the genre. Hand-drawn art would be extremely difficult to incorporate in any three-dimensional action game, but the narrative-focused nature of Nine Noir Lives means that every environment can be crafted with care and attention to detail. The writing in point-and-click games is often exceptional, too, since developers can focus on story rather than combat mechanics. Nine Noir Lives looks to take full advantage of its noir setting by highlighting the curiosity and grace of cats.

Nine Noir Lives will juggle various tones as it explores a world of "cats, cartels and crime." The unique indie title looks to be filled with clever writing and gorgeous art, with its unique premise of a private investigator cat no doubt making for a memorable point-and-click adventure. Nine Noir Lives will release on September 7, so gamers should start saving up their lives and hiding their catnip.