Big Brother 24 Houseguests Ranked By Instagram Followers

After a longer wait than usual, the day is finally here. With season 24 of Big Brother premiering on July 6, viewers will soon begin getting to know the new cast. Sixteen brand new houseguests are entering the infamous summer home to battle it out over the next few months for a $750,000 grand prize.

While they haven't made any lasting impressions on the show's audience yet, a handful of them do all have public social media profiles where fans can get to know them. Their follower counts will certainly rise as fans watch them, but for now, the houseguests have had varying levels of notoriety on the platform.


13 Ameerah, Terrance, Joe, Matt - Unknown

Terrance Higgins from season 24 of big brother

With the season just beginning, not all contestants socials are open. Ameerah, Terrance, Joe and Matt either do not have Instagram accounts or their accounts are listed under unidentifiable names or aliases.

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As the season progresses, expect all four of these to have socials pop up, as family and friends of sequestered houseguests often create or run their social media accounts until they are able to reclaim the accounts following eviction.

12 Michael Bruner - 431

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A post shared by Michael Bruner (@michaelbruner3)

In an era of Big Brother when influencers and social media stars are getting cast with greater frequency, seeing someone like Michael get a chance is a bit of an underdog story. With just 31 Instagram posts and barely more than 400 followers, he is definitely an anomaly.

Still, his limited posting has some fun to be seen. He has a lovely family and cute cats, which is more than enough for many people to give him a follow.

11 Nicole Layog - 1.1K

Nicole Layog from big brother 24

Police-officer-turned-chef Nicole is a bit of a mystery. Everything fans know about her is based on of her preseason interviews, as her Instagram account is currently private.

Her account will likely open up once the season is in full swing, but for now, fans are left to wonder what her digital footprint is like.

10 Brittany Hoopes - 1.5K

Brittany's account is also that of someone who wasn't exactly trying to blow up on social media. With fewer than 2,000 followers and 100 posts, Brittany is far from an aspiring influencer.

A lot of what she has on her account is related to her career as a hypnotherapist. With FAQs and testimonials relating to it, she has answers to every question one may have about the unusual profession. She also has a collection of artsy flower pics.

9 Paloma Aguillar - 3.7K

West Coast native Paloma has an Instagram account perfect for those who love water and the beach. She definitely takes full advantage of living in California, as her account has a bunch of beautiful pics of the ocean and beaches she has visited.

For those who prefer the winter months, she also has pics of her in the snow on a vacation, so there really is something for everyone on her profile.

8 Joseph Abdin - 3.8K

Joseph abdin from big brother 24

Joseph was a last-minute addition to the season 24 cast, as he was called upon to replace a contestant who had to drop out for unknown and unforeseen reasons. Joseph's Instagram account remains private for the time being.

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Next to nothing is known about Joseph, as he was not even included in the preseason interviews due to being an alternate. Fans will have to wait for the season to play out to learn anything about him.

7 Daniel Durston - 4.8K

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A post shared by Daniel Durston (@danieldurston)

Even though Daniel is relatively unknown on Instagram compared to some of his housemates, he could see a big growth relatively quickly. As a professional Elvis Presley impersonator, he's getting his TV break at the perfect moment.

Most of his account relates to his career as an entertainer, specifically as a tribute to Presley. While his rendition may not be as well known as Austin Butler's portrayal of Presley in Elvis, he could capitalize with the brand new film currently in theaters.

6 Taylor Hall - 5.5K

Similarly to Nicole, Taylor's Instagram account is private at the start of the season. She has more than 5,000 followers, including Katherine Dunn from season 21, one of the funniest Big Brother players ever.

As a model and beauty expert, it's reasonable to guess that her account focuses on that aspect of her life, reserved for just her close friends and family. Until she publicizes her account, however, fans can only assume.

5 Monte Taylor - 5.8K

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A post shared by Monte Taylor (@taylord_fit_)

Monte's career is advertised on his Instagram account, so the exposure Big Brother will give him should boost his socials and his professional career. With just under 6,000 followers, he already is off to a solid start.

As an online fitness coach, most of his posts are related to healthy eating or fitness in one way or another. He has only 38 posts, so it seems like a new path he's chosen.

4 Indy Santos - 18.5K

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A post shared by Indy Santos ❤️‍🔥🌪 (@indysantosofficial)

Indy will become the first Brazilian houseguest in America's Big Brother history, and she already has a strong fan base supporting her. With more than 18,000 followers, she updates her account often.

As the founder of two companies, Indy consistently posts to promote her brands and products, while also sharing high-quality photos of her travels and journeys. She's been around the Americas, and the photos on her Instagram account show her expeditions.

3 Jasmine Davis - 27.3K

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A post shared by Jasmine ATL Content Creator (@thejasminemonroe)

As a self-described content creator, Jasmine appears to make most of her money from her posts on social media, with Instagram being her biggest outlet. Her more than 400 Instagram posts are evidence of this.

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Fashion seems to be one of her biggest passions, as her sense of style is on display in each of her posts. She also has story highlights to help organize all of her interests and endeavors, both personal and business.

2 Alyssa Snider - 55.9K

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A post shared by Alyssa Snider (@alyssasnida)

While she falls just short of her friend Alyssa Lopez, one of the most-followed houseguests from season 23, Alyssa Snider has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, a very high number for this early in the season.

Just like Paloma, Alyssa uses her location to her advantage. A resident of Florida, a large percentage of her posts show her at the beach or otherwise near crystal clear waters. Her connection to Alyssa Lopez also helps, as the two know each other outside of the game.

1 Kyle Capener - 90.9K

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A post shared by Kyle Capener (@kylecapener)

While just under six figures of followers is nothing to be ashamed of, Instagram isn't actually Kyle's medium of choice. He certainly has a large following on Instagram, but he has more than half a million followers on his TikTok page.

Kyle's priority online is TikTok, but he still posts on Instagram fairly often. With almost 300 posts, he provides a steady stream of photogenic content to check out.

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