Big Brother 24 Cast Reveals If They'd Betray Their Closest Allies

The Big Brother season 24 cast has been announced, and the houseguests revealed whether they would choose to bring a weak player to the finale over their Final 2 partners if they knew they were guaranteed the win with a player they could beat. There are 16 Big Brother 24 houseguests competing for the $750,000 grand prize this season. They are Alyssa Snider, 24, from Sarasota, FL; Ameerah Jones, 31, from Westminster, MD; Brittany Hoopes, 32, from Austin, TX; Daniel Durston, 35, from Las Vegas, NV; Indy Santos, 31, from Los Angeles, CA;  Jasmine Davis, 29, from Atlanta, GA; Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli, 24, from Boca Raton, FL; and Kyle Capener, 29, from Bountiful, UT.


The cast also consists of Matt "Turner" Turner, 23, from New Bedford, MA; Michael Bruner, 28, from Rochester, MN; Monte Taylor, 27, from Bear, DE; Nicole Layog, 41, from Fort Lauderdale, FL; Paloma Aguilar, 22, from San Marcos, CA; Taylor Hale, 27, from West Bloomfield, MI; and Terrance Higgins, 47, from Chicago, IL. The night before the Big Brother 24 premiere, Marvin Achi, 28, from Houston, TX, was replaced by Joseph Abdin, 24, from Lake Worth, FL.

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In an interview with Us Weekly, the Big Brother 24 houseguests revealed whether they would betray their closest allies in order to bring someone they could definitely beat to the Final 2. Some of them said that they would stick with their Final 2 partners, even if it meant that they might lose, much like Big Brother 16's Cody Calafiore did when he remained loyal to Derrick Levasseur, costing him the game. Terrance would do this because "when you play, you want to play the best," and he wants to "earn it." Paloma agreed because, even though it is easier to "take the weakest link," she believes that it is a "way better story to tell if you bring someone who's evenly matched with you." Big Brother 24's Nicole is "huge on integrity," and she wants to play against the best player. Jasmine also would keep her top ally because she is loyal and likes a challenge.  Alyssa said that she would choose her number one ally because she is very confident that she will play a good game and will still beat them in the end. In a separate Us Weekly interview, Joseph said that he would stay loyal because it would be a fair game and, if they worked hard together, he feels that his ally deserves to win just as much as he does. Monte said that it depends on how close he is with the ally.

terrance, brittany and indy on big brother 24

Many of the Big Brother 24 houseguests expressed that they will do whatever it takes to win, even if they have to betray their closest allies. Taylor would send her ally to the jury in order to get their vote. Pooch said that he is loyal and will go as far as he can with his partner, but he will take the floater to the end. Daniel and Kyle both admitted that they believe they would take the person they could win against, but they might change their minds as they grow closer with people on Big Brother. Indy said that she will choose the person who guarantees her the Big Brother win, and Ameerah would do the same, even though it would break her heart. Michael said that he will take whoever he thinks he can beat to the end and apologize after the show. Turner would do the same, saying that it would be "a little heartbreaking, I guess, for a minute," but if he walks away with $750,000, "who cares in the end?" Brittany said, "So easy. I would bring the person I can beat. This is Big Brother. This is a game. I'll have the rest of my wonderful life to be friends with the person that I'm close with." 

When it comes to strategy on Big Brother 24, some houseguests seem to be more emotional than others. While many of them feel that their only goal is to win the $750,000, some feel that they must play with integrity in order to deserve the prize. Whether players are loyal or ruthless is up to them. But, ultimately, only one person can win the grand prize. There is a fine line between strategic gameplay and just plain stabbing people in the back. This is why jury management is so important when it comes to winning Big Brother. Whatever the houseguests use as their game plans, may the best person win.