Below Deck: Fan Favorite Stews Of All Time

Viewers have watched many stews come and go in the Below Deck franchise, but there are a few that remain fan favorites. The role of a stew is not easy and often gets taken for granted by the charter guests. Some can be very demanding, such as Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Erica Rose and her guests, but the interior team was able to hold it together.

Charter guests only see the stews pleasantly take drink requests and serve their elegant meals. What they don’t see are the stews scrambling behind the scenes to set up a beach picnic or clean the guest cabins during the day. Some guests even ask the stews to pack their clothes at the end of the charter. However, during Below Deck Down Under season 1, chief stew Aesha Scott was so fed up with their demanding guests that she ordered her second stew Tumi Mhlongo to throw the clothes into the suitcase.


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The second stew, such as Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Gabriela Barragan, is the chief stew’s right-hand man and is relied on to serve the guests and delegate orders to the third stew, who is usually assigned to laundry and cleaning cabins. There have been a few stews on the franchise that have abandoned ship due to not being able to handle the stress of the job. However, some remain Below Deck’s all-time favorite interior crew members.

Kat Held Below Deck Seasons 1 & 2

Kat Held wasn’t the perfect stew during her stint in the first two Below Deck seasons, but she has become one of the most memorable yachties. While she was good at her job and interacted with the guests professionally, Kat would often drink too much on nights off and cause drama with her crew members. Her chief stew Adrienne Gang was often exasperated by Kat’s antics, and Captain Lee Rosbach caught her sneaking off the boat once, but fans loved watching her shenanigans.

Josiah Carter Below Deck Season 6

Josiah Carter was chief stew Kate Chastain’s dream second stew in Below Deck season 6. As a formally trained butler, he had the skills to cater to every guest’s demands with a smile. Season 6 proved to be difficult for the interior with third stew Caroline Beadol and Kate butting heads. Josiah found himself caught in the middle, and he and Kate were accused of bullying Caroline and forcing her off the boat. Josiah has not returned to Below Deck since then, but many fans still remember his witty quips and ability to put the guests at ease with his soothing English accent.

Courtney Veale Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6

Below Deck Mediterranean fans quickly fell in love with third stew Courtney Veale last year during season 6. Although she didn’t have much experience as a stew, she was hard working and quickly learned her way around the boat. The third stew was always pleasant to be around and was the only person that got along with Lexi Wilson. Fans felt for Courtney when she shared that her father was suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s, but she was still always a bright light within the crew and never stopped twerking.

Tumi Mhlongo Below Deck Down Under Season 1

Tumi Mhlongo from Below Deck Down Under

Tumi Mhlongo was the second stew in Below Deck Down Under’s premiere season, and she amazed her chief stew Aesha with her competence and ability to create jaw-dropping tablescapes. She was the only one besides Captain Jason Chambers to tell Chef Ryan Mckeown off when he was being rude, which earned her the respect of Below Deck Down Under viewers. Tumi’s skills as a stew and confident attitude have definitely earned her the title of one of Below Deck’s favorite stews of all time.