American Horror Stories' “Drive” Ironically Repeats S1’s Worst Ending

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for AHStories season 2, episode 3, "Drive."

Nico Greetham’s character in American Horror Stories season 2’s “Drive” shares a surprisingly similar ending to his role in season 1’s “The Naughty List.” Greetham made his American Horror Story universe debut in American Horror Stories season 1, episode 4, “The Naughty List,” where he played an arrogant social media influencer. The actor subsequently starred in American Horror Story: Death Valley as Cal, with American Horror Stories season 2’s “Drive” continuing his character streak of unlucky fates.


In American Horror Stories season 2, episode 3, “Drive,” Greetham plays Paul Winowski, a nightclubber and kitchenware salesman whose life is turned upside down when he tries to warn Marci (Bella Thorne) about a serial killer. However, his kind act ends up sealing his fate, as it turns out that Marci was the nightclub killer all along. At the end of American Horror Stories’ “Drive,” Nico Greetham’s character is tied up and gagged by a serial killer before being brutally murdered.

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Paul’s ending in “Drive” is a startling echo the demise of Greetham’s character in “The Naughty List,” which was widely considered the weakest episode of American Horror Stories season 1. In “The Naughty List,” Greetham’s character Zinn was similarly tied up and gagged by a serial killer before being murdered in an expensive Los Angeles home. It also can’t be a coincidence that Greetham’s American Horror Stories season 2 character carries a baseball bat when first confronting the serial killer Marci, as Danny Trejo’s serial killer Santa had beat him with a baseball bat in “The Naughty List.” Greetham’s characters were also murdered by the sinister serial killers for similar reasons, with the killer Santa getting revenge for Zinn’s arrogance at the mall while Marci wanted to rid the world of confident “winners” like Paul.

Will Nico Greetham Return For American Horror Story Season 11?

Bella Thorne & Nico Greetham in AHStories S2 Episode 3

Nico Greetham has now appeared in each American Horror Story universe project since 2021. Since the actor had such a sizeable role in American Horror Story: Death Valley, it seems likely that he’ll at least have a minor part in American Horror Story season 11. The details of season 11, including the cast, have been under wraps despite the fact that American Horror Story’s next installment debuts in fall 2022, but Greetham is a likely candidate for the season’s returning actors.

Ryan Murphy is well-known for reusing actors across his many projects, with Greetham having also starred in the American Horror Story showrunner’s 2020 Netflix movie Prom. As American Horror Story releases more information about the secretive season 11 storyline and cast, it can be expected that Greetham or perhaps one or two other American Horror Stories actors will return for the upcoming New York City-set narrative. If Nico Greetham’s next American Horror Story-universe role is anything like his previous American Horror Stories characters, audiences can anticipate another brutal end for his character.