90 Day Fiancé: What Emily Looks Like Now After Weight Loss (Spoiler)

Warning! This point contains SPOILERS!!!

The 90 Day Fiancé fans are interested in Kansas woman Emily Bieberly’s weight loss journey, and they can't wait to see her before and after results. 29-year-old Emily debuted on the TLC show in 2022, with her partner from Cameroon, Kobe Blaise, 34. Fans found out that Emily and Kobe had met in China when she was working there as an English teacher. The couple’s relationship became serious very fast, and soon, Emily was pregnant with Kobe’s son. They got engaged, but needed to go their separate ways, and hoped to reunite later in America. By the time Emily joined Kobe in the U.S. on his K-1 visa, she had already given birth to their baby, and two years had passed.


Upon seeing Emily, Kobe’s first reaction was to tell her that she’d gained weight. Emily couldn’t process Kobe’s comment at first, but fans did take notice, and slammed him for what he’d said. Kobe did say that Emily’s weight didn’t matter to him, and that he still loved her. However, the damage was done. Emily decided to reveal that she was already on a weight loss program after the episode, via her Instagram.

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While Emily didn’t mention Kobe or his taunt about her body, she did look proud of her results in the selfie. Dressed in a white bra and black pants, Emily stretched her waistband as she smiled at the camera. She spoke about having lost 18 poundsl. Since then, fans who follow Emily on Instagram have been getting regular updates about how she goes to the gym early in the morning to get her workout in before her hectic day begins. Emily has opened up about how she had dealt with weight gain earlier in her life. She lost the extra pounds back then as well, thanks to hard work. She had posted a photo of herself in 2015, when she was curvier, and then added a mirror selfie from 2018, in which she confidently flaunted her slim waist. Emily got honest about her weight loss struggles with her fans by talking about how she's hit a plateau, despite sticking with her routine.

Emily Bieberly Kobe Weight Loss Instagram Baby Before After In 90 Day Fiance

Salina resident and 90 Day Fiancé celeb Emily was bothered about how she hadn't lost any weight for a month. She said she’d been working out and eating a healthy diet, but revealed that the results were discouraging. However, Emily explained that while she wasn’t losing pounds, she was losing inches. “And it turns out I’ve lost like two, almost two and a half inches in my waist,” Emily shared. By July, fans found out that Emily deserved more credit for her transformation, since she was actually a mother of two babies when they met her in April. On the show, Emily is pregnant with her second baby, a daughter she seemingly gave birth to in 2021. Emily’s latest Instagram update was about her having dropped three inches from her waist, and more inches everywhere else.

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It's possible that fans will see Emily’s final makeover only on the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All. While the current favorite 90 Day Fiancé weight loss secret is gastric bypass surgery, Emily appears to have stuck to old-school methods. Fans are not too fond of Emily for her rash decisions and rotten behavior on the show, but they do appreciate the way she’s focused on her health as a new mom. Some even find it hard to believe that Emily has a new figure, and have accused her of using photoshop on her IG pics. Regardless, reality TV star mom Emily looks happiest when she tells her admirers about her small victories.