90 Day Fiancé: Everything To Know About Patrick's Ex-Wife Before Thaís

New 90 Day Fianc√©¬†star¬†Patrick Mendes and his first wife‚Äôs wedding photos recently surfaced online, but there‚Äôs more to the¬†season 9 cast member‚Äôs relationship before Tha√≠s Ramone. 32-year-old Patrick from Austin met 25-year-old Thais when he planned a trip to Brazil to reconnect with his Brazilian father who had retired there. Patrick decided to put his location on a dating app and he and Tha√≠s swiped right. Patrick felt like Tha√≠s wasn‚Äôt ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ but he remembered himself screaming out ‚ÄúYeah‚ÄĚ when he rolled up to pick her up for their first date.


Patrick‚Äôs night with the ‚Äúhottest girl‚ÄĚ he‚Äôd ever met felt just right and after he booked one trip after another to Brazil, Tha√≠s showed him the affection he never felt with his ex-wife. Patrick proposed to Tha√≠s 11 months after they first met and fans are watching their journey since her arrival in the U.S. Patrick may have painted a rosy picture, but his relationship with Tha√≠s was full of red flags. Tha√≠s was tracking his location, had not told her father about her going to America to get married to Patrick, and took offense at Patrick‚Äôs brother John staying with them.

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Meanwhile, Patrick himself had cheated on Tha√≠s, refused to tell her how much money he makes at his job, and turned down her spontaneous request to get married at a chapel in Las Vegas. Patrick claimed only ‚Äústrippers‚ÄĚ get married like that, which hurt Tha√≠s‚Äô feelings. But it could have been because Patrick already had one unsuccessful wedding when he married his ex-wife in Las Vegas where he is originally from. Reddit user u/ericaworthyyy revealed they were looking for wedding vendors in Las Vegas when they found pictures from the new 90 Day Fianc√© star's first wedding.

What Patrick Said About His Ex On 90 Day Fiancé

Patrick Thais Married Pregnany Ex Wife Job In 90 Day Fiance

Patrick had trained for a year and a half in high school to become one of the strongest people in the country. He met his first girlfriend and wife in the gym, where he used to workout at practically 24/7. As per Patrick, she was a weight lifter as well, but before the 2012 Olympics, he tested positive for human growth hormone, and a couple of years later, testing positive for dimethyl testosterone ended Patrick’s career. The shortcut that Patrick was taking put a huge divide in his relationship with his ex-wife as well. She had fallen in love with the weightlifter so them not lifting together or being in the gym together led to her moving out of their Austin home and divorcing Patrick.

All The Details About Patrick’s First Marriage

Patrick Thais Married Pregnant Ex Wife Job In 90 Day Fiance

However, Starcasm has discovered many details about Patrick that weren‚Äôt revealed on 90 Day Fianc√©.¬†The news source¬†found out that Patrick‚Äôs first wife was working for the F.B.I. and started getting into weightlifting in September 2013 when she was 22. She probably met Patrick in the same year, since her first weightlifting coach was at the gym that Patrick was attending in Las Vegas. It seems to have been after his first suspension when he was training for his comeback. Patrick and his ex-supposedly dated for more than two years before they filed their marriage license in January 2017. According to the show, his 8-year suspension from weight lifting created a divide between Patrick and his ex-wife. However, in reality, they ‚Äúdidn‚Äôt even get married until a year-and-a-half later.‚ÄĚ The article suspects 90 Day Fianc√© star Patrick by then had begun his successful career in sales and wanted to focus on that instead. It could have been him giving his attention to his new job that actually ended his marriage.

Where Is Patrick’s First Wife Now?

Patrick Thais Married Pregnant Ex Wife Job In 90 Day Fiance 2

Patrick’s wife filed for divorce from him in January 2020. She recently got remarried in a fancy ceremony in Dripping Springs, Texas. Her new husband is supposedly a bodybuilder, a chef, and a restauranteur. While Patrick’s ex continues to do weightlifting, she also works as a chief operating officer of a nutrition coaching business. She seems to have left her job with the F.B.I. for good. 90 Day Fiancé fans are now all the more interested in Patrick’s former wife. They want to know whether she will attend Patrick and Thais’ wedding which will possibly happen in the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 finale episode 17.